In Memory of Memorial Gifts & Honor of Our Family

In memory for others that love the Ocean

sxxxxxqDonations made to Ocean Blue Project in memory of loved ones that have passed. These people had great passion for our one world Ocean and will be remembered for their love of the sea.

Mark Lieber – He lived in Newport Beach, California and had many friends there. While spending many hours surfing the waves, Mark thrived between hockey and surf. Mark’s mother made a donation in memory of Mark because of his love for the Ocean. He was the best son and loved the Ocean. He lived for the Ocean and surfed a lot. Mark’s birthday is July 7, 1967 and passed away suddenly on Oct 1, 2016.

Donna L. McCollister – Donna’s nieces donated to Ocean Blue in memory of her because they knew she approved of our efforts in Oregon. With Donna’s gift, we can plant more trees and do more beach clean ups for clean water and our One World Ocean.

Mark Palmieri – In memory of Mark “Cricket” Palmieri. We hope you are on the perfect wave! RIP our dear cousin with “Love Your, DeMarco cousins”