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California | January 10, 2021

California State Water Resources Control Board welcomes new and reappointed Advisory Group Members for the Safe and Affordable Funding for Equity and Resilience (SAFER)

Visit waterboards.ca.gov/ for resources, links, and education about safe water. Email SAFER@waterboards.ca.gov for any questions or concerns.

SAFER Facts & Goals:

SAFER’s goal is safe and affordable drinking water for all Californians.

SAFER is an advisory board that keeps the State Water Board on track, educated, and accountable toward the public’s needs.

SAFER gives a voice to smaller and disadvantaged communities that might go unnoticed or have trouble receiving help from the California Water Board.

The water board relies on SAFER’s advice and insight on how to best allocate resources from the The SAFER Fund Expenditure Plan, as well as loans and grants from the state and the federal level.

SAFER hosts public meetings four times a year, welcoming anyone and everyone to share concerns or ideas on how to best provide affordable drinking water.

Departments and Advisory Members:

Yolo County Environmental Health – Jianmin Huang

Coachella Valley Water District – Cástulo Estrada

Agricultural Council of California – Emily Rooney

Physicians for Social Responsibility Los Angeles – Michael Rincon

Jonathan Nelson, Community Water Center – Jonathan Nelson

Sultana Community Services District – Michael S. Prado Sr.

Indian Health Service – Jonathan Rash

Domestic Well Owner: Porterville- Sandra Chavez

San Jerardo Cooperative, Inc. – Horacio Amezquita

Public Water System Resident – Maria Luisa Munoz

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