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Join Our Mission Start A Florida Cleanup

Join the trend for cleaner oceans and healthy marine wildlife animals when we spend just a few hours taking care of our favorite Florida beach.

Have a favorite beach in Florida you would like to protect? Create a Beach Clean up with Ocean Blue Project and help our nonprofit remove as much as possible all over the United States Beaches. Be sure to share the address of your favorite FL beach you would like our nonprofit and be sure to take a look list of events that may be happening in your area! If you have a group and would like to create a cleanup to help our non profit make a larger impact for our one world Ocean we can help you organize a local event. 

Ocean Blue’s Love for Florida

The Director of Ocean Blue, Richard Arterbury, grew up traveling to Florida as a toddler. Richard fell gaga with the reef of the Florida waters and the stunning public beaches. What attracted the Ocean Blue team to Florida beaches was the red tides of the gulf facet of Florida. Ocean Blue now has goals to test the local urban streams and rivers to locate point source runoff before it enters our One World Ocean. Analyzing the root point source runoff locations will be a key part of featured projects to work with fungi that mitigates said pollution. Funding to lower pollution is lacking for this new chapter and Ocean Blue Project is working with foundations, businesses, and local donors to help make this happen. 

Ken Cullings of NASA at Ames Research Center in California.

Ken is the lead researcher collaborating with Ocean Blue Project to determine how fungi can be used as a tool to lower pathogens in local waterways at the AMES site location in California, with the hope to extend it soon to the Florida projects to help protect clean water. 

Create a beach cleanup or volunteer to save our One World Ocean in Florida. Saving wildlife by removing plastic from beaches, urban streets, and rivers is vital to all wildlife species. Help save The Florida Panthers!