Volunteer Opportunities |Long Beach Peninsula, WA

Start A Cleanup in Long Beach, Washington

Join the trend for cleaner oceans and healthy marine wildlife animals when we spend just a few hours taking care of our favorite beach approach in Long Beach, Washington. 

Join a Washington Volunteer Opportunity with Ocean Blue Project. The largest collection opportunity is after the fourth of July gathering what is left behind and is washing up is crucial to our seashores and marine natural world of our ocean. Join the longest seaside cleanup within the global with over 28 miles of sandy seashores to gather our ocean debris all through the beach easy clean up.

This July 6th we can join in calibration with the Washington State Parks, City of Long Beach, WA for running together with desires to assist make larger effect for our beaches and one world ocean.

Map showing where fireworks collected on a local beach in Long Beach Washington.
Where Ocean Blue collected the most firework pollution on this beach.

Things To Bring To A Beach Cleanup

Things to Bring – Large smiles, Reusable water bottle, and rain or warm gear: Gloves, washable cotton and Burlap Bags will be provided. Please signup prior to event so we can take a count of volunteers joining the volunteer beach clean up long beach Washington.

Drive In Beach Movies

Movie Night At The Beach! Summer movie nights on the beach for all beach goers alike that take part in the beach cleanups. You may also be on vacation or you reside locally and cleanup the beach all the time, regardless the movie is just for fun and all ages welcome.

Drive In Movie in Long Beach Washington by Ocean Blue Project
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