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7 things that are unknowingly destroying the environment


Blog by Dr. Robert Glatter – 2 min Read.

​We have created desired living conditions by building grand houses, cities, and have raised our demands for wooden materials that has threatened our forests. Logging activities are on the increase, and little emphasis are made in making these forests regain their initial stage in a few years by replanting of trees. These we can curtail by making sure governments of countries which depend on logging for revenue generation are prepared to follow due process and made to embark on afforestation to maintain the carbon cycle and also prevent wind disasters which these forests prevent. The only solution to deforestation is planting more and more trees. 


Major Cause of Air Pollution

Smoking is a major cause of air pollution. Environmental cigarette smoke (ETS) eliminate fine particulate matter, which is the most hazardous element of air pollution for health. The smoke emitted by cigarettes is 10 times greater than diesel car exhaust. While the dangers of smoking are clear, the best way to quit is not. In fact, People are moving towards electronic cigarettes that is the  best alternative to cigarette smoking as it doesn’t eliminate any toxic or harmful smoke that cause air pollution.

Excessive use of plastic:
Almost everything comes in plastic packaging now. Items on sale in shops are mostly packaged in plastic containers. Statistically, the food packaging accounts for nearly 70% of all household trash and waste that eventually end up in landfills. The problem is that plastics are a significant pollutant to the environment due to their inability to degrade quickly and naturally. This means that as more and more plastics end up being dumped in landfills, decomposition takes place, thus adding no value on earth and polluting the environment. Plastic contains many harmful elements in it that can severely affect our environment. These chemicals also cause suffocation in air, and thus, many respiratory can occur too.

Improper disposal of batteries and ink:
Household batteries contain massive amount of traces of mercury and other toxic chemicals that are damaging wildlife and sea life, when they accumulate and leak into ecosystems due to excessive disposal. Ink cartridges, on the other hand, have a more toxic effect on the environment when not disposed of correctly.

Environmtal Impact of Paint

The environmental impact of paint is astonishing. Traditional painting materials can have severe harmful effects on the environment, including those from the use of lead and other harmful additives. Lead causes an adverse impact on the environment, and measures can be taken to reduce environmental impact. Use such paints, coatings, painting accessories and techniques that are environment friendly.

Face wash is hazardous to the environment:
People use face washes that mostly contain plastic microbeads, which are being termed by researchers as a severe environmental problem. The beads are not filtered during sewage treatment due to their small size. When they released into water bodies, they are swallowed by fish and other marine animals which harm their health and could harm their organs or damage their gills. These harmful beads also destroy the animal’s internal systems as they are made with the purpose of scrubbing. It is the beads abrasive nature that is damaging to aquatic animals.

Use of pesticides is increasing day by day for the betterment of growth. Pesticide contaminated land and water when it escapes from production sites and storage tanks, when it runs off from fields, and when it is sprayed aerially. Some pesticides are the cause of global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer. Ozone layer depletion is causing the main harm and danger to our atmosphere and environment, and thus, our environment is being destroyed.

Air Pollution from Industrialized world and automobiles

Air pollution: 
We are facing emissions from our industrialized world and automobiles. All these constitute the reduction of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. They are the major cause of global warming, and they have also reduced the volume of earth essential components. We can mitigate and address these by making sure hydrocarbon emissions are regulated. Biofuels have to be encouraged by all stakeholders in the industries, including governments.

Air Pollution comes from energy utilize so, we have to devote more of our energies towards renewable energies, most of them are eco-friendly. We have to make sure we hold our governments and multinational companies accountable for our environmental degradation. Efforts should be done towards researches and best solutions for decreasing climate change. Fossils should be moderately used, and automobiles should be built with lower emissions of hydrocarbons to help reduce the harmful effects on the atmosphere. Global warming is also increasing due to air pollution day by day. Scientists point out climate change as the 
biggest global health threat of the 21st century. The rise in carbon dioxide is the main cause of increase in global warming.