Corporate Sponsorships for Nonprofits

Your corporation uses plastics in a multitude of ways. Minimize that impact by engaging with One World Ocean.

The Science of Microplastics

Every dollar removes 1 pound of plastic

Every discarded plastic material eventually can make its way downstream to beaches where it breaks down into tiny particles that stay on the earth indefinitely into microplastics. Microplastics are tiny plitely, posing a threat to water quality and marine life alike.

Through ocean cleanup donations by corporations like yours, we’re developing a new ocean cleanup machine that can recover microplastics throughout American beaches. Advanced ocean cleanup technology like this helps us to not only collect microplastics, but effect change to curb microplastic pollution at its source.

79% of all beach Debris ide of plastics that birds mistake plastic for food
55% of America's waterways are in poor condition
Over 8 Million Tons of plastic flow into our Ocean every year
By 2050 there will be more plastic in the Ocean than fish
Every dollar removes 1 pound of plastic

Upcycling Partnerships

We’ve gathered over 180,000 lbs of debris from American beaches since our inception

The good news? Much of this debris includes plastics that can be given new life. Upcycling this plastic into new packaging or products not only means less plastic in our oceans, but it avoids the landfills as well. From buttons, to skateboards, to shampoo bottles we’ve worked with a variety of companies to give this plastic a second home. Talk to our team and we’ll work on creative upcycling solutions, making your company part of the circular economy.


Remote Volunteering

Ocean cleanup from the safety of home

Companies like yours know the value of volunteerism when it comes to employee engagement. That engagement can be challenging to come by when employees are remote. Bring them together in a way that fosters positivity and team purpose with skill-based volunteering. We have a variety of ocean clean up projects based on your desired time frame, all which can be accomplished from anywhere in the world.


Employee Giving

Your employees are passionate people. Giving them an outlet to give rewards that passion. Being an ocean cleanup volunteer extends beyond the face-to-face and is simple with an employee giving program. One easy form and your employees will be confident to know that their selected dollar amount helps our oceans with every paycheck.

Want to join them in their mission? Reward them with an employee match program. Dollar for dollar, you’ll both be saving our oceans.

Corporate Sponsorships for Nonprofits

Align your vision with sponsorships that make a direct, positive impact on our oceans - and we’ll shout it from the rooftops. Our followers love to know which companies view the world as they do, which is why our sponsorships include social media shout-outs. Depending on the level of your contribution, we offer social media posts, blog mentions, event sponsorships, and more.

As a bonus, we’ll provide you a year-end summary report to fully reveal the total contribution and impact your giving has made.

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