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Empowerment in the Workplace - Employee Giving Program!

Empowerment in the Workplace starts with employee giving to something they love the most. Giving back to the community is a tangible way for your company to partner with employees and help save the oceans. Providing employees with an outlet to give empowers and encourages them to continue giving. When your company matches their  donations and volunteer efforts, this expands the impact of your employees’ contributions. 

There are a few options for establishing an Employee Giving program, and all of them are easy to implement.


Employee Giving Program

Employee engagement is more important than ever right now. Employee Giving programs are a fantastic way to engage with employees in a positive manner. You can offer your employees all of these options to encourage them to participate. 

All donations are tax-deductible and Ocean Blue Project’s 501(c)3 EIN is 75-3022057.

Your employees can be proud that they work at an organization making a positive impact towards restoring our oceans and waterways!

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Charitable Donations Through Payroll Deductions Create Empowerment In The Workplace

The first option is a paycheck deduction program. Your employees simply fill out a short form, indicating the amount that they wish to donate with each paycheck. After your HR or Payroll team processes the request, the paycheck contributions are automatically deducted, making this an easy, hassle-free way to make donations throughout the year.

You can encourage employees to use this option by matching the employee donations dollar for dollar, amplifying the positive impact that your employees’ contributions are making towards saving the oceans.

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One-Time Donation

The second option is for employees to make a one-time donation. This could be a simple one-time donation or could be the sum of donations from a virtual fundraising event. Your company can magnify employee donations by matching them, partnering directly with your employees to restore the health of the oceans.

Matching Donation Challenge

A fun way to encourage employees to donate their time is to implement a time gift matching program.  Your company matches employee donations on an hour-by-hour basis. Your employees donate their time volunteering (virtually), and you match this with an equivalent financial donation. Volunteer time can be matched at $25-50 per hour, or another rate as determined by your company.


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