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Save Our One World Ocean

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We Are An Environmental Non Profit And Founded In 2012 In Newport, Oregon By Father-And-Son, Richard And Fleet Arterbury, tribal members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. We Invite You To Join Us In A Mission That's As Vast, Critical And Inspiring As The Ocean Itself.

Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Link Our Core Values Of Collaboration, Equality, Action, And Nobility Together. Ocean Blue Strives To Collaborate With Agencies, Organizations, And Individuals From Diverse Backgrounds As We Uplift Others Who Share Our Vision. In Other Words, We Provide The Tools And Resources Necessary For Anyone Wanting To Achieve A Common Goal, And Our Staff Mentors Those Who May Not Otherwise Have The Experience, Knowledge, Or Opportunity To Do So. We Understand Equitable Actions Achieve Equality. We Take Action By Doing The Right Thing, Which Means Meeting The Needs Of Marginalized Communities.

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Save Our Ocean Wildlife Beaches Rivers Planet


Stay positive and solution-oriented in all we say and do

Work with people from all walks of life to fulfill a vision that unites us all: to protect and to restore our waterways and our One World Ocean.
Address the needs of all animals and human beings equally, without bias, in pursuit of a common good.
Put impact at the center of everything and limit salaries to best serve the evolving needs of people and wildlife.
Let our mission, vision, and Code of Ethics guide our every action, and continually seek to do the right thing.

Core Values

Ocean Blue board of directors, staff, and lead volunteers follow our passion to care for our one world ocean and live by these core values


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