Project Ocean Recovery: Beach Cleanup

We’re removing 1 million pounds of plastic and debris from the ocean by 2025 — and we need your help to do it!

Plastic pollution is a serious threat to our ocean and wildlife, but you can prevent it. Scientists estimate that nearly 80% of plastics are trapped in near-shore waters. High tides carry this plastic to the beach over and over again, making it easier for us to collect before it’s pushed out to deeper waters.

Help Create a Cleaner, Healthier Ocean

Create a beach cleanup near you, and become a Beach Cleanup Crew Leader today! Check out some of our successful beach cleanups and submit photos of your own Ocean Blue cleanup event.

Beach Clean up Events Near Me

What’s a Beach Cleanup and How to Get Started?

During a beach cleanup, volunteers remove plastic and other debris from the coastline.

After your cleanup, connect with us virtually — we want to see your success! Volunteers with the highest weight and most interesting finds win a prize.

  • Fill out our Beach Cleanup Crew Leaders form to Create a Cleanup at your favorite local beach, river, stream, or neighborhood (it takes two minutes, and we promise your information is kept confidential)

  • Establish a start time and estimated cleanup time for you and your crew

  • Spread the word! The more people know about the event, the more people are likely to show up to help.

  • Safety first! Wear gloves while you clean up.

  • Take photos before and after with closeups of people cleaning your favorite spot.

  • Weigh your work and let us know how much debris you collected

Make a Difference

When you Create a Cleanup at your favorite local beach, river, stream, or neighborhood you keep litter out of our one world ocean.

  • Raise environmental awareness

  • Create a safer, healthier environment

  • Keep marine life and seabirds safe

  • Prevent harmful chemicals from reaching the ocean

  • Meet other Beach Cleanup Crew Leaders who are just as passionate about keeping the ocean safe

What Makes Our Beach Cleanups Unique?

Our values! We sort debris, recycle what we can, and encourage waste-free cleanups, using burlap bags or reusable buckets rather than plastic trash bags. Recovered microplastics and fragments are sent to schools in educational Ocean Debris Kits. 

Our data! Our Beach Cleanup Crew Members are given luggage scales to weigh collected debris. This way, we know how much progress we’re making toward our goal of removing 1 million pounds of plastic by 2025 and you know just how big of a difference you’re making.

Beach Clean up Volunteer

We’re doing things a little differently this year, but we’re still in motion! One of the best things about the ocean is its vastness. On the beach, there is plenty of room to practice social distancing — all while making a world-changing difference!

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