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Beach Cleanup Crew Leaders

Beach Cleanup Crew Leaders

Wherever you are ready to spend time outside at a local river, park, city streets or at a local beach, your team can have a powerful impact cleaning up our oceans as a beach cleanup volunteer group, even if you don’t know how to organize a community beach cleanup. From coast to coast since 2012, groups of Cleanup Crew volunteers from organizations, corporations, non-profits, schools and universities have removed debris from the world’s oceans, beaches and rivers to support the mission of Ocean Blue Project. We have removed over a Million pounds of ocean plastic and ocean bound plastics and together let’s remove 5 million pounds. When you host a group cleanup we can all work towards the 5 million pound goal as we remove litter together. Beach Cleanups provide a time to bond, meet new friends and help teach others about the important to remove as much plastic from beaches and in our day commute as we can. You can be the next beach cleanup volunteer with Ocean Blue Project. You can jump on a volunteer opportunities near me or help spread the cleanup projects when you help organize one with Ocean Blue Project. 

Together, we can safeguard our ecosystem and build a sustainable future! The best part, you can Create a Cleanup Crew and provide every beach cleanup volunteer in your local community with volunteer opportunities near me.

Benefits of Beach Clean Up

There are many benefits of beach clean ups. When you create a crew and host a cleanup event at a beach, bay, river, stream, or neighborhood, you keep litter out of our interconnected One World Ocean, save marine life, and protect the health and safety of future generations. You help stop deadly plastic debris in its path, before it does damage.

We help you channel enthusiasm into action and mobilize your community. To mention just a few benefits of beach clean up, hosting cleanup events builds positive relationships and promotes teamwork, volunteerism and productivity. We help get the word out about your event and showcase your teamwork. We collect data from every event to measure progress, so your team and the world know your impact.

How to Organize a Beach Cleanup with Ocean Blue Project

Large Ocean Blue Project cleanup crew group photos with Ocean Blue and Boxed Water flags at Lincoln City, Oregon beach.

10 Tips for Organizing a Beach CleanUp 

  1. Write down the name of your favorite location and address!
  2. Gather supplies and remember to use reusable bags and not plastic bags. 
  3. Locate a place you can recycle bottles, cans, and plastic bottles if your State has a bottle bill for recycling. Also, curb side pickup at your house works great. 
  4. If your cleanup group is large contact a local nonprofit like Ocean Blue Project to get tips on organizing a beach clean. Ocean Blue empowers CleanUp Crew Leaders to organize a hundred beach cleanups annually.  
  5. Email co-workers, friends and family the date/time for this beach cleanup. 
  6. Ask your local nonprofit to help attract more volunteers by promoting your beach cleanup. 
  7. After your Beach cleanup is done, be sure to say thank you to the volunteers who helped make the impact possible at your local beach cleanup with Ocean Blue Project. 
  8. Keep in mind parking is always limited at local beaches and if other events are going on the same day this could cause setbacks to volunteers arriving. Ocean Blue works directly with local governing agencies to help organize best dates, time, and where the litter will need to placed for pick up after each event. 
  9. Hidden costs at beach cleanups include waste disposal. Costs of logistics can add up and Ocean Blue helps your beach cleanup be the best experience possible, creating memories to last a lifetime.
  10. Remember to dress for the weather on your cleanup day, check for High Tides, Sand dunes, turtle nesting areas, and to learn more ask Ocean Blue or check the signs at your local beach site prior to your beach cleanup date. 

Your cleanup event will help:

  • Create a safer, healthier environment
  • Protect and save marine life and seabirds
  • Even one piece potentially saves an animal
  • Prevent harmful chemicals from reaching the ocean
  • Reduce microplastics in beaches and oceanic waters
  • Improve water quality for future generations
  • Meet others who share a passion to keep the ocean safe
  • Raise environmental awareness and stewardship
The_Incredible_Lives_of_Dolphins _Dolphin_Facts

Your cleanup event will help:

  • A sense of common mission and achievement
  • Time for service, teamwork and volunteerism
  • Enhanced spirit, morale and productivity
  • Increased awareness of pollution prevention
  • Pride in your organizational goal
  • Public appreciation for your efforts

We Help You Make a Difference

Ready to get a group together and get involved in our cause? Create a CleanUp event near you, and become a CleanUp Crew Leader today! Ocean Blue Project will help your crew make the largest impact possible.

Get ready, get set, go! To do this, be sure to register your cleanup event eight weeks in advance for the best possible cleanup experience

When you lead, others will follow

It’s easy to lead a cleanup crew and we will help you every step of the way! During a beach cleanup event, volunteers simply remove plastic and other debris from the area to prevent trash from entering the Ocean. Here’s a typical timeline for creating a cleanup event with us:

  • Gather support for our common cause–chat with colleagues, fellow members of a club, neighborhood or community association, scout troop, or anyone you know! The possibilities are endless!
  • Finalize the cleanup address of the beach, bay, park, or location you chose.
  • Fill out our Create a Cleanup registration form. It only takes two minutes, and we keep your information confidential.
  • Establish convenient start and end times. Our cleanups usually last a couple of hours.
  • We can create an event page if you make your cleanup open to the public.
  • We obtain permits and provide Crew Leaders with instructions.
  • As Cleanup Crew Leader, you’ll provide information to volunteers.
  • Obtain scales for weighing debris, reusable bags to collect debris, and gloves for safety. We can provide these supplies for a small fee.
  • Spread your excitement via the grapevine and social media! The more people know about the event, the more people show up to help.

Be a Wavemaker! Fundraise for Ocean Blue through social media or through your very own Clean-a-Thon.


How do I organize a cleanup?

In a report, Ocean Blue Project analyzed research on the effects of plastic pollution on wildlife and marine biodiversity. According to a United Nations Environment Program report, plastic causes an estimated $13 billion financial damage each year to marine ecosystems. This damage not only wreaks havoc on animals, it threatens human survival, which depends on the ocean ecosystem.

Important Advice for Your Cleanup

  • Safety first! Wear gloves while you clean up and have hand sanitizer available.
  • Participants should bring water in an eco-friendly reusable bottle to stay hydrated.
  • To prevent more plastic waste from entering our ocean, collect debris with reusable bags made of material such as burlap.
  • Check with coffee shops.
    Take closeups and group shots before and after cleanups.
  • Weigh debris collected on a scale and count the number of pieces your Crew picked up when you sort. 
  • Let us know how much debris you collected.
  • Volunteers who collected the greatest debris or most interesting finds can win prizes.

Your Work Counts: Celebrate Your Success!

Help us to spread the good word about clean water projects by sharing your photos and comments about your cleanup event. Posting your pictures on social media is a powerful way to reach others who will help us accomplish our mission to remove 1 million pounds of plastic from the sea!

  • Share your successes on social media, and be sure to tag us as @oceanblueproject, #oceanblueproject and #Cleanup3ForTheSea on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
  • After your cleanup, connect with us to share your photos and debris weight!
  • Ocean Blue Project will share your story on social media or our website!

We can’t wait to hear about your Clean up! Thanks again for helping further our mission to care for our one world ocean. We couldn’t create volunteer opportunities near me for every beach cleanup volunteer without your support. Thank you for sharing our vision of a clean world ocean.

Help Create a Cleaner, Healthier Ocean

Create a beach cleanup near you, and become a Beach Cleanup Crew Leader today! Ocean Blue Project obtains permits for beach cleanups and helps your team make the best out of beach cleanups to make the largest impact possible. Check out some of our successful beach cleanups and submit photos of your own Ocean Blue cleanup event.

Protect What You Love - Start A Beach Cleanup

Ocean Blue never recommends using reusable bags and never plastic bags. Removing 1 million pounds of plastic and debris from the ocean Plastic pollution is a serious threat to our ocean and wildlife, but you can prevent it. Scientists estimate that nearly 80% of plastics are trapped in near-shore waters. High tides carry this plastic to the beach over and over again, making it easier for us to collect before it’s pushed out to deeper waters. Start A Beach Cleanup with Ocean Blue Project. 

Beach Clean up Events Near Me

What’s a Beach Cleanup and How to Get Started?

During a beach cleanup, volunteers remove plastic and other debris from the coastline.

After your cleanup, connect with us virtually — we want to see your success! Volunteers with the highest weight and most interesting finds win a prize.

  • Fill out our Beach CleanUp Crew Leaders form to Create a Cleanup at your favorite local beach, river, stream, or neighborhood (it takes two minutes, and we promise your information is kept confidential)

  • Establish a start time and estimated cleanup time for you and your crew

  • Spread the word! The more people know about the event, the more people are likely to show up to help.

  • Safety first! Wear gloves while you clean up.

  • Take photos before and after with closeups of people cleaning your favorite spot.

  • Weigh your work, count the number of pieces you got and let us know how much debris you collected

  • Make sure every single participant, including yourself + guardians for each minor present at your CleanUp has signed the waiver form before participating.

Make a Difference

When you Create a Cleanup at your favorite local beach, river, stream, or neighborhood you keep litter out of our one world ocean.

  • Raise environmental awareness

  • Create a safer, healthier environment

  • Keep marine life and seabirds safe

  • Prevent harmful chemicals from reaching the ocean

  • Meet other Beach Cleanup Crew Leaders who are just as passionate about keeping the ocean safe

What Makes Our Beach Cleanups Unique?

Our values! We sort debris, recycle what we can, and encourage waste-free cleanups, using burlap bags or reusable buckets rather than plastic trash bags. Recovered microplastics and fragments are sent to schools in educational Ocean Debris Kits. 

Our data! Our Beach Cleanup Crew Members are given luggage scales to weigh collected debris. This way, we know how much progress we’re making toward our goal of removing 1 million pounds of plastic by 2025 and you know just how big of a difference you’re making.

Beach Clean up Near Me - Community Volunteers

We’re doing things a little differently this year, but we’re still in motion! One of the best things about the ocean is its vastness. On the beach, there is plenty of room to practice social distancing — all while making a world-changing difference!

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Fill Out Waiver Form

A release form is needed for each volunteer on your team. Please make copies of this form as needed to distribute to your team members. Email completed forms to karisa@oceanblueproject.org. Please take completed forms with you to your project site the day of the event. Thanks!!

I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless to Ocean Blue Project, Inc, City of Lincoln City, State of Oregon or other Volunteers, the organizers, sponsors, and the supervisors of all its activities, from any and all liability in connection with any injury (including any injury caused by negligence), in conjunction with Beach Cleanup and River Cleanup Events. Ocean Blue Project does not allow drinking of alcohol during education events or on City or State property. I likewise hold harmless from liability any person transporting me to or from any Ocean Blue Project, Inc. activity.
I hereby give to Ocean Blue Project, Inc with Oregon and or groups hosting beach cleanup in Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maine and the United States and whom may be working into its nominees, agents and assigns, my free and unlimited consent and permission, waiving all claims for any compensation by reason thereof or for damages by reason thereof, to use, publish, republish or exhibit in the furtherance of its work, with or without identification of me by name, the photographs, videos, or statements taken year of 2021, and to disseminate statements referring to me in conjunction therewith if Ocean Blue Project, Inc so desires and to authorize any newspaper, company or other organizations to use, publish, republish or exhibit said photograph with or without identification of me by name and to publish or disseminate statements, referring to me in conjunction therewith in promotion of Ocean Blue Project, Inc. and any of its fundraising campaigns or activities.

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