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Celebrating World Ocean Day

Celebrating World Ocean Day


By Lauren Cancelmo

Happy World Ocean Day

Every year, Happy World Ocean Day is June 8. This international day celebrates all that is great about the ocean. More importantly, this day raises awareness. World Ocean Day is cause to take action and to protect and preserve the ocean and the animals living in it. There is no better time to donate to ocean cleanup.

Oceans and marine ecosystems are in danger. There are many steps humans can take to save the oceans on June 8 and every day. The 2023 World Ocean Day theme is Planet Ocean: Tides are Changing. This theme focuses on working together to protect our oceans. Now is the time to participate in an ocean cleanup project. By removing plastic from the ocean, we can help save marine wildlife animals and have a Happy World Ocean Day.

History of World Ocean Day

The history of World Ocean Day goes back to when it was first proposed in 1992 by the Canadian delegation attending a United Nations Conference. In 1998, the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO voiced support for a day to honor the oceans. By 2002, the World Ocean Network and The Ocean Project, officially celebrated. They petitioned the General Assembly of the United Nations to designate World Oceans Day, succeeding in 2008. (britannica.com) Since 2008, each participant has helped make the history of World Ocean Day.

On June 8, 2012, Ocean Blue Project was founded by father and son tribal members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Richard and Fleet Arterbury. Fleet was eight years old and wanted to do a beach cleanup. To make their cleanup a big celebration, Richard helped Fleet reach out to people of Corvallis and Oregon State University students. From there, students wanted to keep doing beach cleanups in Oregon and state parks required liability insurance for group cleanups on the beach. Richard went the nonprofit route to make it happen. Now, 11 years later Richard continues to lead the nonprofit organization in making waves in 15 states. Fleet is now a brand photographer and attends Oregon State University as an electrical engineering student. You can find them both taking photos and speaking at Ocean Blue beach cleanups around the United States and making history of World Ocean Day.

What is World Ocean Day?

June 8 has been referred to as both World Ocean Day and World Oceans Day. In 2021 the “s” was dropped and this day now remains World Ocean Day in honor or our one world ocean that connects us all. In partnership with Campaign for Nature, World Ocean Day’s multi-year Conservation Action Focus. World Ocean Day aims to protect 30% of our lands and ocean by 2023 #30×30. By 2022, more than 10,000 organizations and businesses coordinated more than 15,000 events in more than 140 countries.(worldoceanday.org) There is no better time to join an ocean cleanup project and every day can be World Ocean Day!

Oceans Need Our Help

The ocean is the largest ecosystem in the world and the oceans need our help. About 71% of the planet is ocean. More than 90% of the earth’s living creatures live in the ocean, nearly a million known species. It might seem like bodies of water occupying a seemingly endless amount of space doesn’t absorb much impact, but the oceans need our help!

Fish, coral reefs, and other living organisms are in danger. We need to work together to replenish severely depleted big fish populations and destroyed coral reefs. (un.org) Protecting our oceans is increasingly important for their survival and now more than ever, oceans need our help.

How The Ocean Helps You


Have you ever wondered how the ocean helps you? Humans cannot exist without the oceans. The ocean plays a big role in allowing you to simply live your everyday life. The ocean produces at least 50% of the planet’s oxygen. It also absorbs about 30% of carbon dioxide produced by humans. The ocean regulates the climate, buffering the impacts of global warming.

Consumer goods and vital products travel across oceans. Many occupations also rely on oceans for employment. The ocean plays a key role in the economy. (www.un.org) The ocean also provides important minerals and renewable energy resources that humans use in daily life is how the ocean helps you.

Ocean Day Every Day

You can help save our oceans by celebrating ocean day every day and by simply making good choices while living your daily life. At home, try choosing non-toxic chemicals. Always be sure to dispose of anything potentially toxic properly. You can even make your own non-toxic cleaners like a mixture of vinegar and water because everything flows downstream with runoff water from heavy rains.

Be mindful of what you use and reduce what you throw away. Buy less plastic and carry reusable bags. Say no to single-use plastic bags, drinking cups or water bottles. Buy ocean-friendly cleaning and cosmetic products and reef safe sunscreen. Respect your surroundings by disposing of trash when out and about. Pick up litter if you see it along a shoreline. Celebrate world ocean day every day.

Join an Ocean Cleanup Project

The ocean supports humans in so many ways – so how can you support the ocean and join an ocean cleanup project? Do your part to reduce ocean plastic pollution. Avoid single-use plastics like disposable water bottles, cups, utensils, and bags. (oceanicsociety.org) The ocean does a lot for us. We need to do our part to protect it for our health and the health of all the creatures living in it. Your participation to join an ocean cleanup project can go a long way!

Plastic Debris Impact

Ocean pollution and the plastic debris impact can be devastating to beaches and shorelines. Most visibly, single-use plastic waste poses a physical hazard to marine life. This waste can harm animals, from birds to turtles, whales and seals.

What you may not know is plastic impacts marine ecosystems. Plastic dumped in the ocean can break up into smaller particles, microplastics. This happens during exposure to the sun and waves. The process releases chemicals, producing toxins in the ocean. One way to help is to donate to ocean cleanup and remove five pounds of plastic debris impact with your dollar.

Happy World Ocean Day with Ocean Blue Project

hurricane-relief-fort- myers-beach-florida-volunteer-projects

This June, Ocean Blue Project celebrates our 11th anniversary on happy World Ocean Day. Ocean Blue Project was founded on World Ocean Day in 2012. Since then, our volunteers have contributed across the United States, protecting our One-World Ocean.

Removing 1,165,774 pounds of plastic from the ocean was just the beginning. In 2022, Ocean Blue removed more plastic and debris than in all previous nine years combined. Going forward, we pledge to remove even more. Generous donor support enables us to purchase equipment needed to make a larger impact. We can remove even more plastic.

World Ocean Day Activities

Ocean Blue Project’s efforts continue all day every day. Join Ocean Blue Projects Events: Around June 8 is a great time to join us by organizing a local World Ocean Day activities or clean-up, eliminating use of single-use plastics or donating. Every dollar removes five pounds of ocean plastic pollution from our beaches and waterways.

Spread the Word


One of the easiest ways to help the oceans is to spread the word! Let people know June 8 is World Ocean Day! In person or on social media, let people know oceans need our help. Make them aware of ways they can help reduce single use plastic. Encourage them to participate in or donate to an ocean cleanup. Share your cleanup photos to #OceanBlueProject #Cleanup3forthesea

Help Ocean Blue Project Celebrate

We are working to recover 100,000 more pounds of plastic and debris from the ocean but we can’t do it without YOU help Ocean Blue Project celebrate! There are many things you can do to help make this a happy World Ocean Day! Your donations and volunteers help us achieve our goal to raise $20,000 to remove 100,000 pounds this World Ocean Day. Help Ocean Blue Project celebrate and be the best ocean blue cleanup charity we can be.

Take Action

Help us in our mission to #RevitalizeTheOcean
This World Ocean Day, donate to ocean cleanup by removing ocean plastic. You can give just $1 to remove 5 pounds of plastic and debris. By celebrating Ocean Blue’s 11th Anniversary with us, you help us get closer to meeting our 5 million pound goal. Help make this a happy World Ocean Day.

Spend A Day With The Founder Of Ocean Blue Project Richard Arterbury.