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Fun Facts About Marine Wildlife

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Keeping our oceans clean isn’t just good for humans, it ensures the health of marine wildlife as well.

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Clean Oceans Make for Happy Marine Wildlife


These mammals are some of the most intelligent — and playful — creatures in the ocean.


There are about 325 different species of seabirds, ranging from albatrosses to penguins.


Octopus have eight arms, three hearts, no bones and are highly intelligent.

Dolphin Facts for Kids

"Dolphins are highly intelligent and known for their playful behavior. The name dolphin comes from the Greek word “delphis,” meaning fish with a womb."


Seabird Facts for Kids

“There are about 325 different types of seabirds and they live all around the world.”

Octopus Facts for Kids

Octopuses are ocean creatures that have eight arms and bulbous heads.