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Healthy Human Assisting our Efforts Towards a Healthier Ocean

Healthy Human Assisting our Efforts Towards a Healthier Ocean


By Savva Lambin

Ocean Blue’s journey to rebuilding the Ocean ecosystem and environment would not be possible without the support of our partners. By cleaning beaches and raising awareness, Ocean Blue is on the way to achieving its goal of removing 1,000,000 pounds of plastic from our beloved one world Ocean. These efforts are boosted by partnering with environment-first companies like Healthy Human, who reduce the use of everyday plastics by providing their eco-friendly products as alternatives. Thanks to our partners and donors, we’re proud to be able to remove more plastic from our Ocean than ever before.

About Healthy Human

Healthy Human is a certified B corporation, a label given to a global movement of companies who have committed to helping social and environmental causes. Healthy Human helps rehabilitate the environment by pioneering their eco-friendly water bottles, offering folks environment-friendly bottles as alternatives to reduce single-use plastics in their day-to-day lives. The award winning bottle boasts a sleek, robust 21 Oz design- perfect for carrying soups, coffee or tea, as well as keeping you hydrated throughout the day whether you’re in the office or hiking up a mountain.

Healthy Human + the Ocean Blue Project

Machine used to remove microplastics from sandy beaches

Ocean Blue and Healthy Human’s partnership started back in 2020, where they launched a joint campaign to raise awareness and funds for the removal of plastics from our Ocean. Since then, the duo have gathered funds through the sale of custom-branded, reusable bottles, where the proceeds from just a single bottle leads to the removal of 30 pounds of plastic. Healthy Human’s donation of 2,000 limited edition bottles will mean the removal of 60,000 pounds of plastic from the Ocean! Bottles are still on offer 2 years after the start of the partnership, so don’t miss out on your chance to grab one.

The Problem with Plastic

Single use plastics have become so common in our daily lives, but their harmful effects are still unnoticed by many. The problem begins when people improperly discard their plastics, causing the plastics to end up in the sea where they become dangerous in a number of ways:

Firstly, plastics pose a threat to marine life when animals mistake the disposed straws, bags, and packaging for prey, killing 100,000 marine animals every year.

Secondly, the plastics in the water break down into micro-plastics which are harmful when ingested. These micro-plastics are not only dangerous to sea-life but can also travel up the food chain and affect humans.

Thirdly, the production of plastics involves harmful, toxic chemicals which run off into bodies of water, harming the wildlife and local communities.

The UN environment programmed estimates that the global production of primary plastics is bound to exceed 1,100 million tons by 2050, where approximately 36 percent of plastics produced globally are single-use plastics, 85 percent of which end up in landfills or as unregulated waste. Furthermore, 98 percent of single-use plastic products are produced from fossil fuels, the levels of greenhouse gas emissions from these productions are estimated to grow to 19 percent of the global carbon budget by 2040. Combatting these numbers is vital in protecting our environment and our planet which we call home.

What you can do to help


Stop using single-use plastics

You can start helping by making small adjustments in your daily life, this can include shopping sustainably and finding carbon zero methods of commuting. The journey to revitalize our Ocean is a continuous one; using eco-friendly alternatives will be making a positive change in the long run. You can reduce thousands of plastic materials entering our Ocean by making a switch to recyclable utensils or choosing to use items like Healthy Human’s reusable bottles, ultimately shifting the fight against plastic pollution in our favor.

Clean up rivers and beaches

Unfortunately, avoiding plastics altogether is impossible. A lot of damage has already been done which needs our attention. In this case, consider joining a river or beach cleanup; you can find plenty of opportunities to join a cleanup anywhere in the world through the Ocean Blue Project.

Join or Host a Cleanup with Ocean Blue 

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The final measure you can take to help our environment is to contribute to organizations. Here at Ocean Blue, our proceeds go into plastic removal projects, where we are constantly looking for the best solutions to remove as much plastic from our Oceans and waterways as possible, recently resulting in our new milestone of cleaning up 5 times as much plastic than before.

If you want to be a part of the solution, the Ocean Blue and Healthy Human partnership has you covered on all bases. By donating $50 or more to our Save the Waves campaign you’ll be contributing to the removal of plastics and rehabilitation of our planet and receive a custom Ocean Blue reusable bottle which can be used as an alternative to single-use plastics.

Donate to the Save the Waves Campaign

Support the Cause

Otherwise, you can find the bottles to purchase in black, red, mint or blue from our online store. Every dollar spent goes towards removing plastic from the ocean regardless of what you buy.

Buy your Healthy Human + Ocean Blue bottle from the Online Store

Order Your Reusable Ocean Blue Bottle

About Save the Waves and a Proud Progress Update

Every donation you make to the Save the Waves campaign contributes to reviving the ecosystem. Up until recently, every $1 donation was responsible for removing 1 pound of plastic from the ocean. However, with the combined help from our donors, sponsors, and private investors, we have been able to increase the removal of plastics by 5 fold! Allowing every $1 donation to remove 5 pounds of plastic.

As of today, we have removed 513,326 pounds of plastic from beaches and Ocean bound waterways, crossing the halfway line of our 1 million pound goal. We estimate that continuing on this path, we will be able to reach our goal by the end of the year rather than our initial estimate of 2025. Everyone who has contributed should be truly proud of this achievement, we couldn’t have done it without you.

How Does it Work?

By donating to the Save the Waves campaign you are helping us restore our environment in a number of ways. Our multi-faceted approach means that your donations are going towards:

Microplastics Removal


Ocean Blue researches the best methods to remove plastics and investigates problem areas in our Oceans, beaches, and waterways, developing ideal technological solutions to remove plastic sustainably and efficiently.

Creating Cleanups

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Ocean blue hosts and supports local cleanup events all across the US.microplastic-found-in-florida)

River Restoration Projects


Removing plastic is not enough to rebuild the ecosystem. Ocean Blue takes measures to restore rivers as well as planting native trees and vegetation.

Education via Blue-schools 


Education is key to prevent environmental problems in the future. We design grade-school curriculum for our future generations to lead the next part of our nature-conserving journey. 

Learn more about the Save the Waves campaign