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Oregon State Parks Closed Starting Monday


Gov. Kate Brown Temporary Closed Oregon State Parks

Author Richard Arterbury

Temporary Oregon State Park Closure will start this Monday, March 23, 2020. The closure affects all camping & day use areas.

All Oregonians are advised to stay home. Social distancing practices are essential for overcoming the current pandemic. State Parks closures will help avoid large group gatherings and the further transmission of Coronavirus.

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department ordered campground closures prior to Governor Kate Brown’s order to close State Parks and Day use areas. Small communities on the Oregon Coast and State Parks employees were in need of protection.

The closure took place after clear signs that travelers were not following advice to stay home. Travelers protect coastal communities by avoiding State Parks. This is why state wide park closure is necessary. Beaches may also be closed if social distancing practices are not followed.

At the moment, reducing contact between people is more important than recreation. All daytime parks will also be closed statewide, including parking areas and restrooms. Campers will be refunded for canceled nights if you have already made prior camping reservations.

Marine Mammals are Still Suffering on the Oregon Coast


Marine Mammals are Still Suffering on the Oregon Coast

Plastic Removal is critical to help save marine mammals are Still Suffering on the Oregon Coast

Ocean Blue Project has canceled all community beach clean up events. However, we will continue to practice social distancing while removing plastic. Part of our mission is to protect the Ocean by removing plastic. Removing beach plastic is key to protecting marine mammals who suffer every day.

We plan to pick up working with the community after this is all over and the human health is back in order. In the meantime, consider supporting Ocean Blue clean up efforts and help keep our Mission alive.