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Marine Biology for Kids Science Kit — Marine Science Ocean Debris STEM Kit

Protecting our planet and our world’s one ocean is a huge task, but you and your students are up for the challenge!

With our Marine Science Ocean Debris STEM Kit, your students can take a closer look at the plastics plaguing our waterways, beaches, and one world ocean. This kit is made from real ocean debris found on beaches by Ocean Blue staff and volunteers. Debris featured in your kit is recovered from beaches in Oregon and California to Florida or Hawaii.

Get ready to spark classroom conversations. Real-life examples of ocean pollution are the best ways to bring environmental issues closer to home, giving your lessons a big impact with hands-on experiential activities creating memories to last a lifetime.

With this kit, students can sort and categorize the included plastic waste, helping students see how often plastic is used in their own homes and lives. And when this happens, long-term lifestyle changes can follow. You can help encourage your students to join clean-up events or even reduce their family’s plastic waste with the Ocean Debris Kit. They can also gain a bigger picture perspective about our waste stream and why the United Nations has declared this the Ocean Decade.

This classroom science kit is designed for students from PreK to Fifth Grade, though older students can also benefit from these real-life examples of ocean pollution.



Your Marine Science Ocean Debris STEM Kit includes:

  • Instructions for putting your Ocean Debris Kit together
  • 1 paper bag of plastics found on Oregon, Washington, California, and West Palm Beach Florida beaches
  • 1 paper bag with ropes from crab pods and fishing boats.
  • 1 paper bag with styrofoam used in packaging, ice chests, floats, and buoys.
  • 1 Ocean Debris Story optional lesson plan
  • Downloadable Ocean Current Maps

Altogether, the ocean debris included in the kit equals one pound of mixed ocean waste. There’s enough ocean debris included in your kit to be divided between students, for either individual or group classroom projects.

The plastics come in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes, including micro, small, and large pieces. This helps students see and identify how much plastic is used in our daily lives.

While exploring the kit’s contents, your students may find debris from plastic storage bags, trash bags, plastic shampoo bottles, water bottles, old toys, and microplastics. This real-life demonstration of our ocean’s pollution will have a lasting impact.

Ways To Use Your Marine Science Ocean Debris STEM Kit

This Marine Science Ocean Debris STEM kit by Ocean Blue and Blue Schools has a variety of uses in the classroom. It’s also a great option for a homeschooling household or co-op.

When you order your Marine Science Ocean Debris STEM Kit you get access to our educator-designed storytelling lesson plan.

This lesson plan is perfect for early elementary students. It can also be modified slightly for PreK students or expanded on for older students.

A Sneak Peek at the Included Scientific Storytelling Lesson Plan

In this lesson, you give each student an opportunity to reflect on the origin of the debris.

The most important part of your students’ experience with the Ocean Debris STEM Kit is the connection made between plastic and their daily lives. They are encouraged to think critically and use their imaginations to create a story.

Either way, your students are left to think about the life cycle of plastics and how they affect your local watershed, rivers, lakes, and our one world ocean.

More Classroom Ideas for your Marine Science Ocean Debris Science Kit

We love the storytelling activity for its mix of science and language. But there are even more great activities you can do with your Marine Science Ocean Debris STEM kit!

  • Receive a free download of Ocean Current Maps and reverse engineer the debris’ possible journey
  • Use the plastic waste to spark conversations on reducing one-time plastic use
  • Spark discussions on alternatives to plastic and other conservation measures
  • Ask students to organize a clean-up event or fundraiser with Ocean Blue
  • Talk about recycling and upcycling
  • Discuss water cycles and how these move plastic to the ocean
  • Illustrate the environmental impact of humans on our world during nature studies
  • Share the ropes samples to introduce topics on sustainability and human impact
  • Get creative and make collages or displays to raise awareness

Give your science lessons more impact with this classroom kit.

This kit is the perfect way to spark classroom discussions that your students actually care about and are a cornerstone of our Blue Schools K-12 ecology education program, developed in collaboration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), Blue Schools content and curriculum is customized to meet the unique needs of individual classrooms, communities, and watersheds. In 2022, Blue Schools was recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization as 1 of 109 Green Citizens Projects.

Why These Lessons Are So Important

Did you know every piece of plastic ever made still exists?

That’s a crazy thought, and it’s hard to wrap our heads around just how much trash that is.

But more and more people are making efforts to reduce plastic waste, especially the dreaded single-use plastics such as straws and cup lids.

However, the fight to save our one ocean will be ongoing for years to come. It will take future generations that care to keep the work going. And your students are this future.

Through your work and commitment as an educator, you can have a major influence and impact on our Earth’s environmental future. We know how important your work is. That’s why Ocean Blue has created the Blue Schools STEAM Curriculum.

What is Blue Schools?

Blue Schools by Ocean Blue Project is a K-12 learning program designed to empower students to be the environmental leaders of tomorrow.

Blue Schools uses a mix of educator-designed lesson plans, classroom instruction, at-home STEM activities, and outdoor field experiences to help students learn about the planet and the impact they have on it.

Discover More Environmental Lessons from Blue Schools

The Marine Science Ocean Debris STEM Kit is a great intro to our Blue Schools curriculum. Having a true hands-on experience for students is so important for building their connection to the environment.

If you’d like more info on Blue Schools or would like to order a large number of Ocean Debris Kits, please visit our Blue Schools page.

We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for all of your hard work saving our One World Ocean!


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