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Specialty T-shirts that Save our Oceans and Beaches


Specialty T-shirts that Save our Oceans and Beaches

By R. Heliot

Ocean Blue Project has collaborated with two designers to create specialty t-shirts available to purchase online. Unlike many organizations that only donate 1-5% of sales, all profit made from selling these t-shirts will go directly into funding projects aimed to clean oceans, rivers and beaches that have been damaged by pollution.

Projects, Not Pockets


Karisa Boyce, Development Director at Ocean Blue Project, said any profits made from selling these designer t-shirts will go “directly to projects, not pockets.” While many companies claim the sales of their merchandise are charitable, they often make profit by keeping a portion of sales.

Instead Gina Biondo, Ocean Blue Project Board Member and one of the designers who worked on these t-shirts, states that all proceeds are confirmed to fund the Microplastic Removal Program and the Create a Cleanup Program.

Both these programs aim to remove plastic found scattered on beaches and in the ocean to save marine life. The marine life saved from these programs are featured in the t-shirts designed by Biondo.

Gina Biondo’s Designs


“I am passionate about animals and the ocean,” says Biondo. “I love to help rescue wildlife, and I help with keeping oceans clean so that the marine life is healthy and safe. When I am focusing on designs for Ocean Blue – I want to include their native wildlife on apparel so that the public wants to wear the garment and help promote awareness for their cause.”
Biondo creates designs in her home studio, keeping the organization’s mission in mind throughout her creative process. “I try to incorporate relevant elements that are important to Ocean Blue Project,” says Biondo. Biondo’s designs include vivid, eye-catching colors and beloved marine wildlife, such as otters, whales and turtles.
Biondo hopes her designs will benefit the organization by gaining recognition. “I am hoping that a lot of people purchase them so that Ocean Blue Project will be a widely recognized charitable organization.” Biondo continues to design T-shirts for the non-profit on her free time.

Connor Riedl’s Designs


Connor Riedl, an apparel design major at the Oregon State University in junior year has also collaborated with Ocean Blue Project to create specialty T-shirts promoting the non-profit organization’s mission with 100% of proceeds going towards projects.
Riedl began his journey with Ocean Blue Project last winter to gain valuable experience while contributing to the organization’s mission. Riedl’s designs are inspired by philanthropic art and the volunteers who dedicate their time to Ocean Blue Project. His T-shirts are a combination of popular design elements such as animals with a twist of metaphorical insight. The animals are constructed with the debris cleaned up by the programs the t-shirts are funding.
“After seeing a photo of an octopus sculpture made out of trash, I knew that was the direction I wanted to go,” says Riedl. “I sketched sea turtles made out of common ocean pollution until I was satisfied and traced that in Adobe Illustrator.” Riedl also created the catch phrase, “Sea the Change”, which is incorporated into his T-shirt line found on the non-profit’s website. Riedl believes this slogan articulates the organization’s water theme.  “I used ocean life, symbols of pollution and a creative slogan to have a theme that incorporated aspects of the Ocean Blue Project.”

Limited Edition Eco Friendly Stein by Healthy Human


Healthy Human donated 2000 drinking steins with the Ocean Blue logo co branded with Healthy Human. Our goal is to use the funding from the supporter bottles to remove 60,000 pounds of microplastics. Each bottle will remove 30 pounds of miroplastics and lower single use plastic water bottles.