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Elizabeth Green

Liz is 27 years old and works as a Nurse at OHSU in Portland Oregon. When she’s not at work, she tries her hardest to get outside; She loves the oceans as well as the forest but is also known to get lost binge watching tv shows ranging from true crime documentaries to some cheesy sitcom. Liz has always been drawn to the sea. She grew up in a small logging town about 45 miles from the coast and growing up spent many family vacations camping at Fort Stevens outside of Astoria, Oregon. She doesn’t know if the coast brings nostalgia from her childhood as well as a calming presence but she’s always felt more grounded with the crashing waves and the salty air. Liz found Ocean Blue when she was looking for a way to spend some time volunteering. After a beach cleanup with Ocean Blue in the summer of 2017, she knew that she could never spend a day at the beach again without noticing how much mother nature was suffering simply from our existence as humans. From that cleanup on Liz was hooked.