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20 Ways To Save The Ocean & How To Start Your Own

20 Ways To Save The Ocean & How To Start Your Own





By Randy Budde

Thanks to our leaders and volunteers, recent Ocean Blue Project CleanUps have been taking place in several places across the country. Read on to learn more about these events. Plus, find out how you can join an upcoming Clean Up or create your own event. 

Clean Up Recap



In recent weeks, Ocean Blue Project has led several CleanUps. Following are some of the highlights from these recent events. 

FINRA Employees’ CleanUp Event in Deerfield Beach, Florida


On January 30, 2023, FINRA employees participated in a CleanUp event. 23 volunteers made it out, and got to work. In all, the team cleaned up approximately 90 pounds of plastic and trash. Among the items collected were bottles and cans, parts of a lobster trap, and cigarette butts. 

“We enjoyed participating in this beach CleanUp and giving back to the community where we spent the last week. It was a fun-filled day that allowed us to appreciate the beautiful beach and keep it clean for others to enjoy.” 

Sam Rindell, VP of Leadership and Operational Development, FINRA


Southwest Employees Remove Debris from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


At the end of January, a 24-person team from Southwest Airlines made it out to Myrtle Beach for a CleanUp day. Plastic bags and bottles, food containers and utensils, balloons, and cigar tips were among the debris that were picked up. In all, 40 pounds of debris were collected by the Southwest team. 

“Everyone loved helping our ocean and can’t wait to do it again. We are hoping to have another event in March.” 

Kealoha “Lola” Hingada, Customer Service Supervisor, Southwest Airlines


Amazon Employees Deliver CleanUp at Long Beach, California

Selfie-Volunteers-Group-Long-Beach-Amazon-Ocean-Blue-Project-Clean-Up.jpg September 14, 2023

On February 10, 2023, 16 Amazon employees made it out to Long Beach for a CleanUp event. In total, more than 50 pounds of debris were removed, including plastics, styrofoam, bottle caps, and cigarette butts. 

“I served as a crew captain for Amazon’s Long Beach team, who partnered with Ocean Blue Project. We helped to contribute towards their goal of eliminating 5 million pounds of ocean debris/waste. I am very grateful for my team to be able to come together and work towards improving our community beaches.”

Abby Joseph, Account Manager, Amazon Global Logistics

Go Beyond Green for Earth Month— #GoBlue


As we move toward April, Earth Month, Ocean Blue Project is building toward an ambitious goal: We want to empower 200 CleanUp Crew Leaders in 2023. Our goal is to recover five million pounds of plastic and debris from our beaches and ocean-bound waterways. Please visit our donation page to learn more about our work and how you can help. 

Host Your Own CleanUp

Plastic and other pollution entering our oceans is a massive problem. Ready to be a part of the solution? Find out how you can organize and host a local CleanUp. Get friends, family, colleagues, and your community involved. We can help. Visit our beach CleanUp page to get started.


Author Bio: Randy Budde is a freelance writer based in the Bay Area, California. When not working, he enjoys getting outside to bike, hike, and surf.