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National Cleanup
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Celebrate National Cleanup Month 2023 With Ocean Blue Project

At Ocean Blue Project we strive to rehabilitate and restore our oceans, and we’re taking steps to achieve it—starting with beach cleanups. To reach our goals, we need all the help we can get. With the support of communities, amazing volunteers, and you, we can clean up our One World Ocean.

To honor our commitment, we support and celebrate many campaigns throughout the year. One of them is National Cleanup Day which takes place on the third Saturday in September every year. Celebrations include beach cleanups all around the country to support cleaner, healthier oceans.

This year, our mission is to launch National Cleanup Day forward by creating National Cleanup Month.

We need as many volunteers as possible to join or start a CleanUp this month! With your help, we can create a huge impact on our oceans and environment. You can also support our mission with a donation.

What is National Cleanup Day?

National Cleanup Day is a national holiday where volunteers from all over the country join forces to clean up our One World Ocean. This is done with a boots-on-the-sand approach—meaning there is massive collective action for our waterways and one world ocean! This year’s National Cleanup Day is on September 17th, 2022.

Thanks to the support from different states and organizations like Ocean Blue, National Cleanup Day has had a huge impact! This one holiday helps cut down on thousands of tons of plastic pollution.

At Ocean Blue Project, we want to take this positive impact a step further by creating National Cleanup Month. Through National Cleanup Month, we’re encouraging states, volunteers, and organizations to continue cleaning up our One World Ocean all throughout September. With your support, we can tackle plastic pollution! Every piece of debris makes a difference.

What’s at Stake?

The Ocean is essential for our health, our environment’s health, and for a prosperous future. Our One World Ocean covers 71% of the earth’s surface and produces 50-80% of the world’s oxygen. It’s also home to more than 80% of the Earth’s biodiversity.

Because of its essential role in producing oxygen, the ocean also helps regulate climate and weather patterns. They connect the entire planet. And support life on land.

Even though our oceans are essential for life on earth, we continue polluting them daily. Plastic pollution is the second most significant threat to our oceans—and we have the power to change that.

To allow our planet to continue developing, we need to clean our One World Ocean. At the moment, there are trillions of pieces of debris in the ocean. And at Ocean Blue Project, we’re committed to changing that—but we need your help.

Every volunteer counts. Every piece of debris makes a difference. Every time you show up, you make an impact.


What is National Cleanup Month?

Clean Trails, a nonprofit organization founded by Bill Willoughby and Steve Jewett, started National Cleanup Day. The impact this holiday has had on the environment inspired us to transform the month of September into National Cleanup Month.

National Cleanup Month aims to inspire people all over the country to take action for our One World Ocean. This means joining or creating clean-up events throughout September to help restore the health of our oceans.

For this transformation to take place, we’re hosting many cleanups throughout the month at Ocean Blue. We’re also encouraging people to get out there and clean up debris in their communities—whether it’s a park, a trail, or a beach.

Cleaning up our planet takes time, effort, and the support of many people in the community. It’s essential to get as many volunteers as possible to help us cut down on plastic waste.

In the US alone, almost 2 million people volunteered for clean-ups. This year, we want to see this number grow! Help us reach our goal by showing up on September 17th and throughout the month to clean up our environment.

When we work together for a common cause, our impact is greater. Whether you’re a first-time volunteer or a veteran, your time has a positive impact.

Help Us Clean Our One World Ocean!

There are many ways for you to get involved and contribute to healthier and cleaner oceans!

Ocean Blue Project, other organizations, and volunteers are taking the initiative to make the world a better place by cleaning up beaches, parks, forests, and trails. And you can join these efforts.

When communities and people come together, we have the power to create impactful changes in our society and our goal is to lead 50 Ocean Blue Cleanup Crew Leaders around the United States to take collective action for our beaches, waterways, ocean, and marine wildlife.
Everyone is welcome to be part of these initiatives. These are a few ways you get involved:
Your donations make it possible for Ocean Blue Project to grow and continue educating youth, cleaning up the ocean, and spreading awareness. Our goal is to raise $100,000 for the recovery of 500,000 of plastic and debris from beaches and waterways flowing to our one world ocean. With your support, we can restore the health of our One World Ocean.
Every $1 you donate removes 5 pounds of plasic + debris from U.S. beaches + ocean bound waterways. 
All September long, you get a complimentary water bottle sponsored by our friends at Healthy Human when you give $50+! This shows how much we appreciate our donors. It also highlights how important it is to carry your own water bottle, instead of relying on plastic ones.

Our Mission at Ocean Blue Project

As a grassroots, environmental 501c3 nonprofit, our mission at Ocean Blue Project is to restore and conserve the health of our One World Ocean. We envision a world where the environment, wildlife, and humans coexist and thrive together in harmony.


There are many paths we’re taking as an organization to achieve these goals. We strive to educate our youth, communities, and governments around the world to understand the essential role the Ocean plays in our planet.


From microplastic recovery and restoration projects to ocean cleanups and education programs, we’re committed to restoring the health of our oceans.


But none of this would be possible without you. Our donors, volunteers, supporters, and employees are helping us turn our mission into a reality. And we’re incredibly grateful for that.
About 8.5 million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans every year. Cleanup pollution here. Life thrives everywhere. 

Thank you to our incredible business partners for contributing to our goal and for sharing our vision of a clean world ocean.

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