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More than 80% of the ocean is waiting to be explored


More than 80% of the ocean is waiting to be explored. 

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We owe it the ocean to explore her depths and collect important data to better protect her. Wrapping 70% of the globe, the ocean provides us with food, transportation, recreation, and renewable energy, as well as dictates the weather and climate patterns.

The question then remains: what more are we missing out on? To answer this, the NOAA leads the way in ocean exploration in hopes of expanding data tracking and technological innovation to find out what else lies below the surface.

Beyond undiscovered creatures and treasures

hydrographers survey tides, currents, salinity, temperature, and map out the ocean floor using multibeam echo sounders. This data is necessary to track fisheries and oceanic ecosystems.

Understanding the ocean floor’s landscape will help us better anticipate earthquakes and tsunamis. With massive absorption of CO2 and litter, the ocean might be concealing changes that we are not aware of. Increased research and exploration provide us with a guide to which steps we can take to better protect the ocean. Growing our knowledge, grows our future.