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Ocean Cleanup Volunteer Projects | Wells Fargo Branch Employees


​Ocean Cleanup Volunteer Projects Wells Fargo Branch Employees.

by Karisa Boyce

After attending a Create a Cleanup program through Ocean Blue Project, many participants choose to donate to the organization and become Annual Corporate Members

Wells Fargo Asset Management of San Francisco is one of many businesses contributing as Annual Corporate Members with donations supporting beach cleanups in the Bay Area as well as the Blue Schools Program, which educates and inspires youth to become beach stewards. 

In July of 2019, Wells Fargo employees (and one happy dog) escaped the Financial District and headed to Ocean Beach for a day of volunteer work where they collected several large compostable bags full of both land and marine-based debris, including a new dart board. Without this amazing team of beach stewards, this debris would have made its way out to the ocean and added to the already catastrophic damage done to coastal marine life.

A special thank you to the San Francisco Wells Fargo Asset Management department employee, Julie Parker, who organized a strong team and made this cleanup effort possible! 

How Do You Become an Ultimate Ocean Cleanup Volunteer?

How does Create a Cleanup Work? 
Your team will work together with an Ocean Blue representative, document what is collected and create a report on the type of debris piling up in the places we love and wish to protect. Register now!

1. First, start locally and create a volunteer cleanup in your neighborhood– remember, everything flows downstream!

2. Second, organize a Volunteer Beach Cleanup at a local beach as part of a greater ocean cleanup effort with your school organization, club, team or company. 

Keep reading: More information about how plastic is harming birds and how much plastic is floating in our Ocean.

photo of a Ocean Cleanup Volunteer project beach clean by a Create A Beach Cleanup Volunteer Opportunity Wells Fargo and Ocean Blue Project