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CloudBees Employees Beach Cleanup Volunteers Santa Cruz California


Software provider CloudBees joins A Beach Cleanup Volunteer project for the Santa Cruz Beach California Chapter

by Karisa Boyce of Ocean Blue Project

As climate change advocacy and stewardship continues rising, corporate leaders are taking on more responsibilities in protecting and restoring our planet. Last summer, CloudBees, a software provider from San Jose, CA, took the initiative to collaborate on a local beach cleanup volunteer project through our Create a Cleanup program, making tremendous progress on an environmentally-impacted beach in Santa Cruz, CA. 

Registering for our Create a Cleanup Program, CloudBees organized with Boys and Girls Scouts at Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz with a shared passion to rescue this precious habitat from litter and pollution. Through CloudBees’ Be-Good Initiative, Emanuel Gaspar of the company planned the clean-up day and provided resources for the project, such as burlap bags made out of recyclable and compostable materials. Together, the team of bees and scouts cleaned up a majority of land-based debris, or trash that is left behind by beach-goers.  

​CloudBees was one of several companies to sign up for an Ocean Blue Create a Cleanup project. Furthering their commitment to Ocean Blue Project, the company opted to become an Annual Corporate Member by donating and supporting future beach cleanups. Memberships also fund youth education and awareness through service-learning projects, internships, and a K-12 class program called Blue Schools centered around education on marine debris, microplastics, and local watersheds.

Yet, protecting our bodies of water doesn’t always start at the coast. In fact, much of it begins inland, and we encourage companies to initiate inland projects, such as local stream or river cleanups. Our oceans are a reflection of our city streets as everything that goes through our sewage systems, like litter and oil, is ocean bound. 


Let’s work together as CloudBees did with Boys and Girls Scouts in cleaning up marine debris at local sources like our urban streams and rivers. Most importantly, Create a Cleanup at your favorite beach, stream, or river, reach out to karisa@oceanblueproject.org

Cloud Bees Create A Cleanup Volunteer Opportunity beach cleanup with Ocean Blue Project