CloudBees Employees Beach Cleanup Volunteers Santa Cruz California

Software provider CloudBees joins A Beach Cleanup Volunteer project for the Santa Cruz Beach California Chapter

by Karisa Boyce of Ocean Blue Project

Companies are more involved in giving back to the environment than ever before. As climate change protests and ocean cleanup efforts ramp up, corporate leaders are stepping up for our shared planet. CloudBees is one company who is rising to the occasion in collaboration with grassroots nonprofit, Ocean Blue Project, simply by cleaning a local beach cleanup volunteer project. 

​CloudBees was one of several companies to sign up for an Ocean Blue Create a Cleanup project. The company also opted to become an Annual Corporate Member by donating to support more beach cleanups. Memberships also fund youth education and awareness through service-learning projects, internships, and a K-12 class program called Blue Schools centered around educating on marine debrismicroplastics, and local watersheds.

​Over the summer, CloudBees employees gathered with Boy and Girl Scouts at Seabright Beach to volunteer Santa Cruz. Emanuel Gaspar of CloudBees reached out to Create a Cleanup earlier in the summer for CloudBees Bee-Good initiative. Emanuel led the efforts, ensuring there were burlap bags available to gather trash and help keep plastic bags off the beach. Together, they cleaned up mostly land-based debris, which is trash that people often bring to the beach and forget to take home. 

​Companies with employees who work inland and away from any coast can plan local stream or river projects. Our Ocean is a mirror reflection of our city streets because everything flows downstream eventually making its way to the Ocean. When debris and oil enter street drains that flow to the river, they become Ocean bound. Let’s work together across the United States, as CloudBees did to volunteer Santa Cruz, with Ocean Blue, in cleaning up marine debris at a local source, our urban streams, and rivers. 

To Create a Cleanup at your favorite beach, stream, or river, reach out to

Cloud Bees Create A Cleanup Volunteer Opportunity beach cleanup with Ocean Blue Project
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