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Have a group that would like to clean up a beach? Ocean Blue Project can help you organize a beach cleanup or river cleanup in your city!

​​Most Importantly, Ocean Blue works with you every step of the way!

 your own river or beach cleanup with the support of the Ocean Blue ProjectOcean Blue is offering resources for clean rivers, and lowering pollution.

For Instance, we will help with brainstorming ideas for how to promote the event to what to do with what your group collected after the event, above all we will walk you through each step of your own cleanup. Ocean Blue obtains permits, provides individual waiver forms & general liability insurance for your event. 

Most importantly, your team will work with an Ocean Blue representative. Together we will document what you collected, create a report about what kind of debris is piling up in the places that we love. Volunteer Cleanup your campus with other students, or help protect local waterways of your choice.

In Addition, we have listed three ways to give back when you create a cleanup!

1. First of all Beach Volunteer Clean up your neighborhood because everything flows downstream.
2. Second Volunteer Beach Volunteer Clean up at local beach as part of greater ocean cleanup efforts! 
3. Lastly, Beach Volunteer Clean up with your friends, family, work group, school group and the community.​​

In Addition, create a beach cleanup volunteer opportunity with Ocean Blue Project to help make larger impact for our ocean. Office groups, schools, and anyone that would like to save sea mammals. Ocean Blue accepts donations if you or someone you know would like to donate to plastic removal projects. Click here:

How your group can get started with your Create a Cleanup project. Fill out forms below with a general date, time, and location at least 90 days prior to your ideal event. Read more about ocean plastic facts and how plastic travels in our Ocean.

Hashtag your event photos to @OceanBlueProject.  Submit completed forms to contact Karisa at

Create A Beach Cleanup Registration & Forms

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