Boeing Washington Partnerships For Healthy Oceans

Boeing Employees Volunteer Opportunities

Boeing volunteers to help protect the one world Ocean.

This July, the Ocean Blue team had the pleasure in collaborating with Boeing’s SC Contracts and Sourcing Functional Excellence Team. Boeing employees and their family members took to the beach at Edmonds Marina Beach after a short presentation by Richard Arterbury, Founder and Director of Ocean Blue Project. 

A total of 28 Boeing employees participated in an enjoyable team bonding activity that gives back to the ocean. 

​Boeing employee, Linda Mahler, noted that, “This has really raised our awareness of threats to our beaches, this exercise has instilled in us the habit of cleaning up whenever we go to the beach to extend the life this project!”

The group effort left the seemingly clean beach 50 pounds lighter of marine debris and litter, including micro-plastics that are prevalent on today’s beaches. 

Boeing Employee collects items from a beach cleanup.
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