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Girl Scouts Heart of Central California raises funds for OBP!



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Girl Scouts Heart of Central California raises funds for OBP!

Did you know that over 8 million tons of plastic flow into our ocean every year? Last fall, we partnered with the Girl Scouts of Center California. They assisted us in lowering this number!

We cleaned up 5 pounds of plastic for every girl scout who reached $450 in sales for our partnership! 

The driven and ambitious group of girl scouts got busy. And very soon they sold lots of cookies. In the end, this created a huge impact in reducing plastic pollution. 

Their hard work and cookie-selling skills earned each girl scout a conservation patch! And encouragement to continue to give back in the future. Volunteering and giving back are essential to help protect and preserve the environment. And at such a young age, these students are paving the way for a better and cleaner future. Plus, they’re learning an important life skill. 

At Ocean Blue Project, we appreciate the huge volunteering efforts of the girl scouts. The conservation patch encourages the girls to continue to give back. Also, to continue working on building a better world. Thank you to the girl scouts for their hard work and the delicious cookies. We’re excited about more partnerships in the future! 

Girl Scouts Heart of Central California

​​(photo by girlscoutshcc.org)

The 323 girl scouts of Central California all come from different backgrounds! They all work together to give back! These girls are making the world a better place. Whether it’s advocating for climate change or raising funds. 

The Girl Scouts Heart of Central California states, “Through programs from coast to coast, Girl Scouts of all backgrounds and abilities can be unapologetically themselves as they discover their strengths and rise to meet new challenges. Whether they want to climb to the top of a tree or the top of their class, lace up their boots for a hike or advocate for climate justice, or make their first best friends. Backed by trusted adult volunteers, mentors, and millions of alums, Girl Scouts lead the way as they find their voices and make changes that affect the issues most important to them.”

These young girl scouts have made an incredible impact at Ocean Blue Project. Their impact highlights the importance of volunteering and raising money. 

These 323 girls contributed funds to remove over 1,500 pounds of plastic from the ocean. This reduction in plastic waste benefited marine life. For example, plastic debris’s major impacts are ingestion, suffocation, and entanglement. 

Apart from impacting the world, the girl scouts value inclusion and equity. There are many girls of different abilities and backgrounds. This is also a significant value here at Ocean Blue Project. The girl scouts worked hard every day, caring out cookie sales and fundraisers that always do great. Their hard work paid off and thanks to them, we can all enjoy a cleaner ocean. 

Hard work makes a difference. When many people come together, great things happen. This shows how crucial volunteers and fundraisers are towards cleaning our oceans. We’re very grateful for all the support and hard work of the girl scouts. 

For this partnership, we had the pleasure of connecting with Ilse Luna. She is the Manager Product Program of the Girl Scouts of Central California. She helped us learn more about the partnership and Girl Scouts of Central California! 

Beach Clean Up Crew

Q: How did the girl scouts decide on the Ocean Blue Project?

A: Our council partnered with Ocean Blue Project for our Girl Scout Fall Product Program.

Q: How do the girl scouts raise money for charities?

A: Every year, we have two product programs, fall product and cookies, which helps troops fund their activities throughout the year. Girls can also earn some cool rewards through these programs. We have a donation program for both fall and cookies where customers can donate fall products and cookies but the last few years we have also been focusing on philanthropic rewards. So girls are able to earn a reward that also gives back not only locally, but on a more global level as well. We try to tie it back to the theme of the program, if possible, so this past fall the mascot for fall was the emperor penguin.

Q: What inspired the girls to give back to Ocean Blue Project last year, and do they plan to work with Ocean Blue Project this year?

A: We found Ocean Blue Project in our search and thought their mission to clean up the ocean was a great fit with the penguin mascot. We designed a custom patch for girls who earned that reward level and for every girl that reached this level, Ocean Blue Project cleaned up 5 pounds of plastic from the ocean. While we always look to provide new rewards for girls, we look forward to partnering with Ocean Blue Project again sometime in the future.

Q: How did the girls raise money for Ocean Blue Project?

A: We designed a custom patch for girls who earned that reward level, and for every girl that reached this level, Ocean Blue Project cleaned up 5 pounds of plastic from the ocean.

Raising Funds Makes A Difference

The 323 girl scouts of Central California raised 450 dollars each. This allowed Ocean Blue Project to clean up over 1,500 punts of plastic polluting our oceans and beaches. 

When a large group of people comes together for a common goal, each person’s efforts make a difference. 

Anyone can make an impact if they put in the effort. Donations and volunteers are what aid charities and allow them to prosper. When working together, they help the world. Thus, every person’s help makes a difference and is crucial for creating change!

About Ocean Blue Project

Ocean Blue Project is a nonprofit organization that advocates for clean, healthy oceans. OBP is helping reduce plastic pollution from rivers, streams, and the ocean while also educating children and adults about the importance of our One World Ocean. 

Every year we partner with many organizations and volunteers that help us move our mission forward. With their support, we’re helping protect and preserve the world’s beaches. We reduce plastic waste through many ocean cleanups, service learning, and youth education. 

Partnering with the Girl Scouts of California has brought many benefits to OBP and to the Girl Scouts. Together, we’re raising funds for a cleaner ocean and educating youth about the environment. Plus, spreading awareness about ways to help our beautiful ocean. 

Core Values of Girl Scouts of Central California

Girl Scouts strive to make a difference in the world, which makes the world a better place. They take the initiative. Thus raising funds through cookie sales and participating in many organizations. 

The girls of Girl Scouts of Central California work together. They take on challenges to build an improved world. All the girls volunteer their time and donate to different charities. Thus highlighting their generosity. This shows the importance of getting involved at a young age. Which reiterates the core values of being a girl scout. 

The girls learned many essential traits for the real world by getting involved at OBP. For example, the importance of community service and taking the initiative. They also learned about caring for the world and striving to make it a better place! 

Author Bio: My name is Rachel Wilson, and I finished my first year at Wake Forest University. I grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, and I love helping the environment. Throughout high school and college, I have made an effort the be a part of several green clubs!