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Cliff Jumping at The Tamolitch Blue Pool Oregon


Cliff Jumping at The Tamolitch Blue Pool Oregon

Video of Cliff Jumping at The Tamolitch Blue Pool Oregon. This is not a easy hike and maybe 2 miles. Bring drinking water for the hike is a few miles and water is super cold.

The beauty of Tamolitch Falls (also known as Tamolitch Blue Pool)
​has been a popular spot for many years. With water temperatures at almost unbearable temperatures jumping in after the long hike is not advised by Ocean Blue.

​Tamolitch blue pool is a must see summer locations near Bend, Oregon. The water is extremely cold and the hike to this Tamolitch Pool is almost 2 miles and you will not want to dive in this blue pool until your body cools down after the long hike. Be sure to bring snacks and Reusable cold drinking water bottle because the summer months can get hot and this location has no stores closes by.

Ways To Clean The Ocean


As an environmental nonprofit dedicated to the ocean cleanup by removing microplastics, we can use all the help we can obtain. When we visited this area we removed over 20 dog poop bags, plastic straws, cigarette filter tips, plastic cigarette filter tips and other single use plastic items. Just think if everyone in the world removed 3 pieces per day? This would be a huge amount of litter picked up. Find out how you can get involved with a Ocean cleanup organization. Everything flows down hill and all the way to the lowest area our watersheds and finally our one world Ocean.

Ocean Blue Project has been working with over 5,800 volunteers working endlessly removing plastic pollution and other microplastic non-organic items from rivers, urban streams, beaches, and the Ocean.

Tamolitch Blue Pool | Video

Learn more about how you can get involved in environmental activities.


Can You Swim In Blue Pool


Yes you can swim in blue pool however the water is 40 degrees year around. This watering hole is around 30 foot deep and the water is so cold it will take your breath away and can be unsafe if you don’t cool down prior to diving in after the long hike. The hike is easy but the temperatures during the summer months can be on the hot side, so be sure to bring drinking water.

How Long Is The Blue Pool Hike?

Tamolitch Blue Pool via McKenzie River Trail is a 3.7 mile with heavy foot traffic and hard to find parking. The trail is located near Blue River, Oregon that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate hiking trail with rest rooms and paved parking area. Be sure to brink your camera for memories and to share photos with others.

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