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Environmental Volunteer Opportunities Near Me - Join A Beach Clean up

Your Donations remove plastic in Oregon, Washington, California, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, NY and Hawaii.

Ocean Blue Project Removed Over 1 Million Pounds of Plastic!

Ocean Blue Project is a ocean cleanup organization that is working to rehabilitate and conserve the world’s Ocean, beaches, and rivers through clean ups, solutions to keep pollutants from entering ecosystems, community-driven service learning and youth education. Our Ocean conservation projects are advancing the path to a better future for our one world Ocean. Do beach cleanups really make a difference? Yes every piece of plastic you remove small or large saves at least one coastal bird or marine wildlife animal. Ocean Blue Project is an Oregon-based national, nonprofit environmental organization to save the ocean by removing microplastics. Ocean Blue Project is dedicated to protecting our One World Ocean. Founded by father-and-son tribal members of the Choctaw Nation, Ocean Blue's vision is for the world's ocean, beaches, and rivers to once again be pristine, self-sustaining ecosystems where wildlife and human communities can coexist and thrive. Together we can protect the ocean by reducing the amount of microplastics and marine debris traveling to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. We work with hundreds of donors that support plastic recovery projects with ocean cleanup machines and host cleanups all over the United States making positive effects on the environment.

Over 1 Million Pounds of Microplastics Removed
Shrubs and Trees Planted by Rivers
Over 60,000 Ocean Cleanup Volunteers on The Ground

Ocean Cleanup Project
Nonprofit Environmental Organization

Saving The Ocean From Marine Pollution

As an ocean conservation and a nonprofit environmental organization we are proud of our ocean cleanup volunteers and the communities helping to create a cleaner blue ocean by lowering the amount of plastic pollution ending up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Ocean Blue is learning more about plastic in our ocean and how marine pollution or plastic pollution is traveling down rivers into our ocean and back onto beaches

Our mission is to provide complete transparency and accountability in how your donations are being utilized. We want to make sure that every penny received is put to efficient and effective use in line with our organization’s objectives. Through our research and analysis, we are constantly seeking innovative solutions that have a positive impact on the community we serve.

We use evidence-based practices, reliable data, and scientific tools to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs and initiatives. By adhering to strict ethical standards and industry best practices, we ensure that your generous contributions are being used to make a measurable difference in people’s lives.

We are committed to providing you with regular updates about our progress so that you can see firsthand the impact of your donations and the positive change that we are bringing about in the world.

Join us for a mission that's as Vast Critical Inspiring as the ocean itself

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Reaching Our Goals!

  • organizing and promoting beach and river cleanups,
  • implementing sustainable measures to keep pollutants from entering waterways,
  • mobilizing and educating local communities, landowners and governments, 
  • coaching youth into being the Ocean’s stewards of the future,
  • connecting people to their natural environments and improving biodiversity.

Beach Clean up Day Near Me

Beach Cleanups are vital to the health of our watersheds – areas of land encompassing any body of water. Watersheds channel rainfall and snowmelt to urban streams, creeks, and eventually flowing to reservoirs, bays, and the Ocean.

Along the way, the water flow will collect any waste and debris left behind, carrying it to the outflow point. Marine waste harms aquatic wildlife and their habitats, as well as spoiling tourism and recreational activities. 

When you organize a Beach Cleanup, you are empowering the local community to tackle this challenge. Coastal community clean up projects reduce the amount of waste on state beaches by removing discarded debris before it has a chance to be carried down a river and out to the ocean or broken down into smaller microplastics. 

Coastal beach cleanup projects reduce the amount of waste on state beaches we all love by literally removing litter or marine debris that is left behind or washing up one wave at time.

Spring is a good time for beach cleanups, after the winter high tides have left behind plastic debris on our coast lines.

Learn more about how your company can start giving back with 1% for the Planet Partnership program with Ocean Blue Project, a nonprofit environmental organization.

Your Donations at work

Large Ocean Blue Project cleanup crew group photos with Ocean Blue and Boxed Water flags at Lincoln City, Oregon beach.

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Think about this for a moment: every dollar you donate can help remove 5 pounds of plastic from our world. Your contribution can make a significant impact on the health of our planet and the well-being of all living beings. Imagine the possibilities if we each take action and give what we can. Together, we can create a cleaner, healthier future for ourselves and future generations. So let’s be inspired to make a difference – every donation counts, every action matters! Let’s work together to protect and preserve our beautiful planet.

On Going Beach Clean Ups taking place in Oregon, Washington, California, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, NY and Hawaii. 

Let’s work together to keep our beaches pristine and beautiful! By following these 5 simple and effective ways to keep the beach clean with Ocean Blue Project, we can all make a positive impact on our environment and ensure that future generations can enjoy the beauty of our coastlines. From picking up litter to participating in community beach cleanups, we have the power to make a difference. So let’s get motivated to protect our oceans by taking action and doing our part to keep our beaches clean and healthy!