Dorsal Bracelets Ocean Blue Partnership

Plastic Removal by Ocean Blue & Dorsal Bracelets

Plastic Removal by Ocean Blue & Dorsal Bracelets

Chad Ross established Dorsal Bracelets after attending college as a biology major on the east coast. While attending college, Chad witnessed first hand the devastation of how marine debris and plastic pollution is affects our beautiful coastlines. As a result, he felt compelled to do something for our one world Ocean.

Dorsal Bracelets is doing something about the ocean plastic crisis. To address the crisis, the company has created a simple but profoundly designed bracelet with a colorful rope and bold representations of aquatic life. Dorsal’s partnership with Ocean Blue helps ocean restoration efforts. For instance, every dollar donated removes 1 pound of ocean plastic from beaches.

Dorsal Bracelets Mission and Plastic Removal

Bracelet Company Supporting Marine Mammals

Dorsal Bracelets are a conversation starter and raises awareness for our precious Ocean. This jewelry for a cause offers a way we can all give back because Ocean Blue removes one pound of plastic from the ocean and U.S. beaches for every dollar donated.

Micro-plastic and plastic pollution is getting a lot of attention for its effects on marine animals. For example, about 8 million tons enter the ocean each year. There are seven known types of plastic in the Ocean. Furthermore, a few types sink while tons are left floating. What start out as larger fragments break down into smaller fragments that wash onto beaches.

The combination of climate change with a toxic plastic-filled ocean is putting these creatures at risk. Ocean and beach projects save ocean marine life and shorebirds. Most importantly, we help sea turtles, coral reefs, and global fish populations. Not to mention, organisms in the Ocean produce over half of the world’s oxygen we breathe. Phytoplankton are tiny creatures in the Ocean that produce oxygen.

Dorsal Bracelets’ direct support of blue beaches keeps plastic from going back out to sea with the tides and ocean currents. This is good news for all life on the planet because it protects our foodweb, while seafood provides the main protein source for 3.5 billion people.

Together, Ocean Blue and Dorsal Bracelets may not be able to stop unsustainable fishing that negatively impacts marine wildlife (at least not yet). But we can give all marine life a chance at a plastic-free ocean, one beach cleanup at a time.. And this means more fish in the sea for you and me.

About Ocean Blue Project

Ocean Blue is a grassroots nonprofit cleaning up the environment by removing large amounts of plastic.

For seven years, Ocean Blue has been advocating for marine wildlife without a voice at the table. As a result, we have worked with thousands of volunteers at beach clean ups to remove as much microplastic as possible.

Our team of researchers have found areas in Oregon and Washington with tons of plastic pollution littering the beaches. The plastic floats ashore as waves roll in with high tide. Local community members have reached out for action where they live and play. Consequently, events happen throughout the west and east coasts of the United States.

Most importantly, large animals like whales and sharks are harmed by plastic pollution and scientists agree we have a problem for filter feeding animals. Whales have also been seen with their dorsal fin caught in fishing line. One marine plastic study assessing plastic in the diets of large animals relied on analysis of stomach contents. Scientists tested bodies for the presence of toxic chemicals and micro-plastics. Read more about this study:

As you can see, it’s no secret that our world is in need of global action and joint effort to change the way we treat our Ocean. First of all, restoration starts with removing what shouldn’t be there in the first place. Alternatively, unique collaborations such as Ocean Blue Project and Dorsal Bracelets can be leveraged for change.

Let’s work to protect healthy oceans and take initiative on this essential project. Whether it’s a fashion accessory donating to our cause or an afternoon of volunteering at a local beach clean up, a healthy ocean starts with us.

Donations remove ocean plastic from the Ocean.

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