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“Give More On Giving Tuesday”


“Give More On Giving Tuesday”

By R. Heliot

Every year, an estimated 8 million pounds of plastic enter the ocean. It wreaks havoc on our oceanic ecosystems. It also harms, and often kills, our marine life. If this trend continues, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. Ocean cleanup projects offer a sustainable solution. Every dollar donated to Ocean Blue Project funds the removal of 1 pound of plastic in the ocean.

Facebook Giving Tuesday 2020

With our Giving Tuesday Fundraiser, your dollar goes even further. Ocean Blue Project collaborates with sponsors to double the value of your dollar for donations up to $10,000. This means that on Giving Tuesday, $1 removes two pounds of plastic from the ocean. 

Ocean Blue Project’s collaboration with Boxed Water is Better has a goal to fund the removal of 20,000 pounds of ocean plastic. TOMs is also teaming up with Ocean Blue for Giving Tuesday. Employees will engage n a cleanup activity in their own neighborhoods. To show off their impact, TOMs employees will meet up online with the founder and director of Ocean Blue, Richard Arterbury, after the cleanup. 

Ocean Blue Project
Ocean Blue Project envisions a cleaner, brighter future for the ocean. The organization is committed to removing 1 million pounds of plastic from oceans, rivers, and lakes by 2025. Last year, our organization removed 82,582 pounds of plastic from the ocean. The nonprofit works with other organizations with the same vision. Partnerships allow Ocean Blue Project to turn recovered plastics into recycled products, such as buttons, skateboards, shampoos, and more. 

Effects Of Plastic In The Ocean


Plastic takes the lead in debris found in the ocean. An estimated 79% of all beach debris comes from plastic. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish if nothing changes. The reality is that plastic has become essential to humans. From cutlery to electronics, from cars to medical devices, the use of plastic allows us to innovate products that make our lives easier. Plastic remains a valuable material to many corporations and will continue that trend. Plastic endangers oceans and marine life once it enters the ecosystem. Plastic deteriorates into tiny particles called microplastics. Microplastics last indefinitely. 

Funding the Ocean Cleanup
Your dollar goes directly to projects. Ocean Blue Project is a nonprofit organization made up of volunteers. Donations and online merchandise proceeds fund ocean and beach cleanup projects and new ocean cleanup technology. The organization also plants trees close to rivers and lakes that have been devastated by forest fires or other natural disasters. Every dollar given to Ocean Blue Project truly contributes to saving oceans, beaches, and other aquatic ecosystems. 

Ocean and Beach Cleanup Projects
Donations allow Ocean Blue Project to fund cleanup projects throughout the United States. This is where the magic happens. Regular beach cleanups ensure minimal damages caused by debris. The nonprofit’s large and ever-expanding network of dedicated volunteers come together to clean up beaches, oceans, and rivers. Ocean and beach cleanup projects make a big impact on the recovery of marine ecosystems. 

New Ocean Cleanup Technology
Ocean Blue Project develops new technologies aiding in ocean, beach and river cleanup projects. The nonprofit is currently working on putting a machine on beaches that will recover microplastics on American beaches. This new machine will increase microplastic recovery rate substantially during beach cleanup projects organized for 2021. Ocean Blue Project anticipates the new machine will also curb the source of microplastic pollution. 

Ocean Pollution Solutions
Ocean Blue Project is a grassroots nonprofit environmental organization aimed at restoring our marine ecosystems back to health through action, education and words. Our water warriors organize microplastic cleanup projects throughout the US and educate the public about our ongoing work. Our environmental news blog keeps you posted on the latest marine ecosystem news as well as our work towards the restoration of beaches, rivers and oceans.

Learn more about which of our partners and organizations are eco-friendly and keep our marine ecosystems in mind during product creation. Subscribe to our blog now.   

Make a Donation for the Ocean
Ocean Blue Project is made up of volunteers who believe in our cause as much as we do. When you donate to Ocean Blue Project, you are donating to our four main programs aimed at restoring our marine ecosystems. These include Microplastic Recovery, Cleanup Projects, Blue Streams & Rivers and Blue Schools. Buy merchandise. All 100% of proceeds from Ocean Blue products go directly into our projects, not pockets. All proceeds fund our mission for a clean world ocean. Your donations make all the difference. Click here to donate today!

Donate $50 or more to become an annual Ocean Blue member and receive your Ocean Blue Project 21oz reusable stainless steel water stein, donated by Healthy Human. 

Volunteer with Us
Ocean Blue Project hires volunteers year-round. Find an event near you or enter our mailing list to receive the most up to date information on how to help. Join us on our next beach, river or ocean pick up project and join our network of water warriors. Be part of our organization. See how your skills can make a difference. Ocean Blue Project works with university students, schools, groups and individuals. Connect with us and learn more about how you can contribute to our cause

Author R. Heliot is a freelance writer who has published articles for the Houston Chronicle and The Phnom Penh Post. She currently is a freelance copywriter and MBA student at the University of Houston-Victoria. On her spare time, she loves to travel, hike and swim in the ocean.