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McDonald’s Is Getting Rid Of Plastic Cutlery Saving The Ocean

Australian Based MacDonald’s wants to remove 585 tons of single us plastic starting in 2020. Blog by Richard Arterbury


McDonald’s lower their footprint with Fibre-based products.

Say by to single use plastic forks, knives and spoons.

Hundreds of thousands of single use plastic forks, knives and spoons are handed out every day at this fast food restaurant opened 24 hours per day but this pollution setback will soon be a thing of the past.
Australian McDonald’s wants to lower their footprint on our one world Ocean by spending more on a fibre-based product replacing plastic cutlery.

The director of McDonald’s supply chain of sustainability, representative Kylie Freeland made this announcement at the National Plastic Summit in Canberra, saying the switch from plastic would remove over 585 tonnes of plastic per year. “By removing plastic straws and cutlery from McDonald’s restaurants, we will be continuing to reduce our environmental footprint and will be removing more then 860 tonnes of plastic from our system.”

One thing that holds this all back is customers that complained about the paper straw we switched made in 2018, wasn’t popular with many customers saying the new straw didn’t stay taut for long enough.

The Australian government has announced harsher rules when it comes to companies dealing with plastic single use waste. Prime Minister Scott Morrison informed the plastic summit that he will be meeting with the State and territory leaders over the next two weeks to finalize a ban on the export of plastic waste, paper, glass and plastic bottles. He also mentioned Austria will be working to improve the country’s recycling systems. If you would like to help cleanup or make a donation learn how grassroots organizations are playing a role in reducing waste.