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Wells Fargo Supports Clean Beaches & Gives Back to the Ocean

San Francisco based branch of Wells Fargo clean up Ocean Beach with man’s best friend. By Karisa Boyce


Wells Fargo Corporate Members of Ocean Blue Project

San Francisco based branch of Wells Fargo clean up Ocean Beach with man’s best friend.

Businesses and corporations lead by example to take care of the environment, and Ocean Blue Project is providing a platform to make it easy for these leaders to shine. A branch of Wells Fargo reached out to Ocean Blue earlier this year to Create a Cleanup in San Francisco. The program is designed to empower folks from all across the U.S. to set up their own beach or river cleanup events. 

Some participants of the Create a Cleanup program choose to donate to Ocean Blue and become Annual Corporate Members. Wells Fargo of San Francisco is just one of the many businesses doing just that. This donation supports beach cleanups in the Bay Area as well as the Blue Schools Program that educates and inspires youth of all ages to be beach stewards. 

In July 2019, Wells Fargo Asset Management employees took time out of their busy day to meet at Ocean Beach for a cleanup! Employees and one dog collected several large compostable bags full of debris, both land and marine-based. A new dart board game was found among the rubbish left on the beach. Without this amazing team of beach stewards, this debris would have made its way out to the ocean to become food for marine animals.

A special thank you to the San Francisco Wells Fargo Asset Management department employee, Julie Parker, who made this cleanup effort possible! 

To learn more about Ocean Blue Memberships and Blue Beaches Projects, visit OceanBlueProject.org or reach out to Karisa@oceanblueproject.org

Group photo of wells Fargo beach cleanup corporate sponsors of Ocean Blue Project.