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New Permit for Kayakers And Rafters In Oregon


New Permit for Kayakers And Rafters In Oregon

By Anisha Dadia

Kayakers and owners of boats over 10ft long are now obligated to purchase a Waterway Access Permit or risk paying a penalty of $115.

Approved back in 2019, it’ll mean that in order to access streams and lakes in Oregon, a Waterway Access Permit will be necessary. According to Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, “One-third of revenue from fees will go toward the Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention fund account. The other two-thirds of the fees would be used for grants to state, local and tribal governments, along with park organizations, to acquire property, leases or easements to improve waterway access.”

One week permit will set boaters back $7 but for $17 a yearly pass can be purchased or $30 for two years.

The new permit replaces the previous Aquatic Invasive Species Permit, the funds from which will be given to watercraft inspection stations throughout the state. Boaters are asked to check their vessels prior to coming ashore for any destructive species. If unsure, at the inspection stations, trained staff will be able to check and decontaminate the boats.

Examples of species include toxic quagga and zebra mussels, New Zealand mudsnails and certain aquatic plants all of which can cause irreparable economic and environmental damage to all bodies of water

The purpose of the permit will be to ensure that our oceans stay free of such destructive organisms and those who enjoy kayaking and boating are responsible for ensuring that their vessels are duly cleansed at the end of their trip. Learn more about River and Ocean pollution.

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