Ocean Blue Board Members

Meet The Ocean Blue Board of Members

Ocean Blue was founded in 2012 by Father and Son that became inspired after one beach cleanup.

Richard Arterbury, Founder, Executive Director
Richard founded Ocean Blue with his son, Fleet, on World Ocean Day 2012. Richard is responsible for cultivating relationships, overseeing client portfolios, project management, program design, business partnerships, sponsors, program development, and staff development. He has worked as a social change agent, account manager, sales, and partnerships within diverse communities for over a decade. Richard’s primary focus is engaging communities of people – whether social profit or government; urban or rural; 

Fleet founded the Ocean Blue Project with his father, Richard, when he was 9 years old. Today, he maintains a 3.9 GPA as a sophomore in high school and his favorite class is Business Development. Fleet has been involved with athletics for several years and participates in his school’s track and football teams. With a passion for photography, he provides Ocean Blue with photos for social media and website content, while keeping up with his friends and a future goal to attend a university to further his education in the field of computer science & technology.

Nathan Miller, Vice President, Environmental Manager
Nate earned a PhD in Plant Pathology from Oregon State University in 2007. He became Vice President of Ocean Blue Project in 2014 while teaching as a Biology instructor at Linn-Benton Community College. Nate is now a Certification Specialist with the Oregon Department of Agriculture and serves as Environmental Manager for our Blue Streams & Rivers Program while heading Ocean Blue’s Stream Education Team.

Karisa Boyce, Secretary, Development Director, Writer
Karisa found Ocean Blue in 2014 with inspiration to carry on her granny’s legacy – being a voice for water issues that affect people and wildlife. Before passing away in 2012, Linda Boyce was active as a council woman and served for her local water & wastewater committee for most of Karisa’s life. While working as a full time mom, Karisa has been a dedicated volunteer with Ocean Blue, raising $25,000 for clean water during her first year after graduating from Oregon State University summa cum laude with a B.S. in Biocultural Anthropology. She strives to diversify Ocean Blue’s Board and partnerships while addressing issues that directly impact the lives and health of people as she manages 200 events annually. Her voice for all creatures can be heard on the Ocean Blue News blog where Karisa writes about anything from Ocean-friendly businesses to the connection between environmental & social justice. 

Marina Losi Monteiro, Regional Director of Brazil 
Marina was introduced to Ocean Blue Project through an international exchange program at Oregon State University, where she did an internship with the Ocean Blue Project. Since then, Marina has graduated in Forest Engineering at the Escola Superior de Agricultura “Luiz de Queiroz” University of São Paulo, Brazil. She is passionate about taking care of the environment and taking care of people, because it feels good. Marina seeks new ecological knowledge about ecology restoration, and she is especially interested in social inclusion integrated with environmental programs. In 2019, Marina launched the Regiona Brazil Chapter in 2019 through stream restoration in collaboration with local governments and a cleanup on International Cleanup Day. 

Elizabeth Green
Liz is 27 years old and works as a Nurse at OHSU in Portland Oregon. When she’s not at work, she tries her hardest to get outside; She loves the oceans as well as the forest but is also known to get lost binge watching tv shows ranging from true crime documentaries to some cheesy sitcom. Liz has always been drawn to the sea. She grew up in a small logging town about 45 miles from the coast and growing up spent many family vacations camping at Fort Stevens outside of Astoria, Oregon. She doesn’t know if the coast brings nostalgia from her childhood as well as a calming presence but she’s always felt more grounded with the crashing waves and the salty air. Liz found Ocean Blue when she was looking for a way to spend some time volunteering. After a beach cleanup with Ocean Blue in the summer of 2017, she knew that she could never spend a day at the beach again without noticing how much mother nature was suffering simply from our existence as humans. From that cleanup on Liz was hooked. 

Kelsey Holowati 
Kelsey is a native Oregonian and proud dog-mom with a passion for the outdoors. Kelsey is a full time student and works in management at Providence in Portland. In her free time, Kelsey and her family frequent the Oregon Coast and have been faced with the undeniable plastic waste crisis. This sparked Kelsey’s search for a local organization she could partner with and she hosted her first beach cleanup at Beverly Beach, OR in the summer of 2018 with OBP’s support and guidance. Kelsey has been a part of OBP’s #goingstrawless campaign and plans to host quarterly cleanups along the Northern OR Coastline.

Kelsey Kolisnyk 
Kelsey has 10 years of experience working in the corporate event industry. She has serviced events for AWS, SAP, HP, Toyota, The Recording Academy, Oracle, and Google. Strengths include attention to detail, adaptability, and cultivating relationships. With a background in the non-profit sector, print journalism and live event production, Kelsey understands the importance of a team-oriented attitude, effective written and oral communication, as well as diligent work ethic. Her professional goals include embracing challenges, maintaining strong focus, and operating in a continual state of learning. ‘

In Honor Of Lisa who passed away December 23, 2017 and will be forever missed. 
Lisa H. Aofrate, Ed.D, Former Secretary & Treasurer
Lisa earned her doctorate in higher education and published her first children’s book about a sea turtle named Mavis within the year before passing. She also has a Masters in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelors in Elementary Education. She has taught from kindergarten to university level. She loves the awe inspiring new readers’ “aha” experiences in learning. So she has combined the early childhood ‘learning without knowing they are learning’ method with scientific facts to teach young children about this one endangered species. There may be more books on other endangered species in the future. Lisa is very concerned about our world, our environment, and our survival as a human species. She was on the board of an ecological non-profit for this very reason. She hopes that children, teachers, and parents will join in to help our fellow creatures with enthusiasm. And if not, at least learn something about them in an enjoyable way.

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