Ocean Current Maps

Biological Ocean Currents Influence

Water Currents are a crucial abiotic factor or issue that considerably influences copy of marine organisms, marine ecosystems we tend to all inhabit. think about the ocean Sea Horse that has restricted by limited mobility and are dependent about water currents to bring food cycle currents to bring nutrients or food to them and to conjointly distribute larvae and fruitful cells. These Currents conjointly shed pollution like nitrites, small plastic, as waves crash on beaches. ocean foam forms because the ocean churns up organic matter from alga decay, or from forms as this organic matter is churned up by ocean waves. Ocean Sea Foam is usually an indication of a healthy ocean ecosystem.

Flora and Fauna, like algae like Phytoplankton or seaweed are supported by the ocean currents by supporting growth for not solely ocean plants however conjointly supports larger food chains that depend upon flora and algae as a part of their diets. Plastic Ocean Pollution floats in the ocean waters travels with ocean currents and inhabits sunlight flora and Fauna depends on and this plastic becomes so tiny it’s mixing with Phytoplanton and our marine animals are feeding on plastic by mistake, causing great harm to both humans and sea animals. 

The five major oceans wide gyres are the North Atlantic, South Atlantic North Pacific South Pacific, Indian Ocean, Ocean gyres and world map pacific of plastic pollution. The currents we see at the beach are called coastal currents that can affect land and wave formations. To understand coastal currents or ocean currents its best to start with understanding waves and how wind can play a large role in creating energy just by blowing across the large scale thermohaline circulation of the surface of the water. Learn more at How Stuff Works: Currents travel around 5.6 miles per hour in warmer waters  of the northern hemisphere and in the North Pacific moves much slower in cold water at 0.03 to 0.06 miles per hour. Read ocean, atlantic ocean, gulf stream, conveyor belts, coriolis effect, water temperature ocean changes, the southern hemisphere, about the global ocean research about organic chemical composition of the ocean surface in real time: W.D. Garrett

Seven Ocean Currents Sea Names

Gulf Stream
North Atlantic Current
California Current
Labrador Current
Kuroshio Current
Antarctic Current

Types of Currents and Circulation

Surface Currents-Surface Circulation
Deep Water Currents-Thermohaline Circulation
Primary Forces-start the water moving
The primary forces are
Secondary Forces-influence where the currents flow
Solar heating cause water to expand

Maps of plastic removal sites

Coastal Clean Up Maps
Texas Map
Virgina Beach Map
Manzanita Oregon Map

River Maps
Willamette River Map
SE Oak Creek Map
Periwinkle Creek Map
Sequoia Creek Map

Southern Ocean

Southern Ocean in addition cited as largest ocean, the southern components of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans and their tributary seas encompassing coast of continent. 

​The Southern Ocean is comprised of the foremost southern ocean water of the earth and is in addition noted as a result of the ocean, South Polar Ocean, and additionally the good Southern Ocean.This ocean covering surrounds south america largest ocean of the planet oceans body of water on earth’s surface, packed with marine life all placed in continent and is that the fourth largest of the five oceans of the earth.

<strong>Ocean Garbage Patch Gyre Of The Pacific Ocean</strong>
Ocean Garbage Patch Gyre Of The Pacific Ocean
West Coast <strong>Beaches Affected by plastic</strong>
West Coast Beaches Affected by plastic
West Coast <strong>Beaches Affected by plastic</strong>
West Coast Beaches Affected by plastic
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