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Over 1 Million Gallons of Sewage Leaks Into Newport Oregon Ocean

Over 1 Million Gallons of Sewage Leaks Into Newport Oregon Ocean


(Newport, Oregon) – Water Hazard Update for Newport, Oregon at Nye Beach. On July 9th, 2023, up to 1,180,000 tons of untreated waste water overflowed into the Pacific Ocean.

The City of Newport, Oregon’s Wastewater Treatment Plant malfunctioned and by not working correctly, untreated water flowed from pipes to the Ocean. The amount of total sewage is unknown. However, we do know the outflow was untreated waste water.

The waters at and around Nye Beach may be unhealthy for some time into the future. However, the date and length of time this area will be hazardous to animals and humans health is unkown.

Ocean Cleanup Organizations

The spill site location takes place below Don Davis Park, adjacent to Nye Beach. It is documented, the City reported that they notified the Department of Environmental Quality and Oregon Emergency Response System. Sampling of the spill area will be monitored but have no idea how long this will take place.

Sewage Spilling can not only close a beach but also shut down crabbing and clamming in sites that are near and or directly harmed by hazardous water spills by cities all over the USA. City of Corvallis dumps around 33 million gallons of raw sewage in the Willamette River and it is rarely highlighted in media about how this harms wildlife and human health.

Read about the spill from last year. In the USA alone over 900 Billion gallons are dumped into water ways annually due to infrastructure failures and or pipes breaking.

Stop Sewage spills by writing letters to our governors and make this a public act by telling others. Sewage can contain harmful bacterial that can make animals and humans sick, including skin rashes or flu like systems.

Beach Cleanup Crew Leaders

Wherever you are ready to spend time outside at a local river, park, city streets or at a local beach, your team can have a powerful impact cleaning up our oceans as a beach cleanup volunteer group, even if you don’t know how to organize a community beach cleanup.

From coast to coast since 2012, groups of CleanUp Crew volunteers from organizations, corporations, non-profits, schools and universities have removed debris from the world’s oceans, beaches and rivers to support the mission of Ocean Blue Project.

Together, we have removed over one Million pounds of ocean plastic and ocean bound plastics. Together, let’s remove 5 million pounds now. When you host a group cleanup we can all work towards the 5 million pound goal as we remove litter together.

Beach CleanUps provide a time to bond, meet new friends and help teach others about the important to remove as much plastic from beaches and in our day commute as we can. You can be the next beach cleanup volunteer with Ocean Blue Project. You can jump on a volunteer opportunities near me or help spread the cleanup projects when you help organize one with Ocean Blue Project.

Together, we can safeguard our ecosystem and build a sustainable future! The best part, you can Create a CleanUp Crew and provide every beach cleanup volunteer in your local community with volunteer opportunities near me. Learn how you can help remove plastic from beaches as a beach cleanup volunteer with Ocean Blue Project.