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Time to Clean Up This Mess of an Election


Time to Clean Up This Mess of an Election

By Charity Hupp

The candidates forgot that we no longer live in the stone age. Long gone are the days where mail and radio were the only sources of information. Today, we have unlimited resources for finding out the information we need. 

We can find out what’s going on in the world by a quick click of a mouse or a swipe of a finger. Whether it’s finding out how to make a new recipe, finding a phone number, or updating your Twitter account. It’s easier than ever. 

In 2020, the digital world has become even more progressive. This year alone, the internet has gained 298 million users to a total of 4.54 billion users. I suppose we can thank the Novel Coronavirus for that. Many of us are stuck at home with nothing better to do than to jump online and see what everyone else is doing. Not to mention how most of our children are involved in some kind of online learning. 

But If we have all these sources of information then why are our “future” leaders choosing such stone age ways of talking to us? 

Don’t we already know everything we need to know from the internet, news channels, and social media? It’s all anybody’s talking about these days. Besides, did that pamphlet you received in the mail tell you anything new that’s not already on the internet? Was it the “one thing” that made you choose this or that candidate?


Do the Presidential Candidates Believe in Saving the Environment?

Saving the environment is important. Which is why the topic always comes up during the presidential debates. You know that the actions of people everyday affects the environment. And the candidates always make it a point to propose some “green plan” to help save our world. 

What have these candidates proposed to help with this? What have their proposed plans aim to achieve? Do they really believe in the plans that they have proposed?

Biden Versus Trump’s Plan For the Environment


Both presidential candidates have voiced their opinion that saving the environment is key to improving not only cleaner air, oceans, and health, but it will also directly improve our economy. Which is something that every American can resonate with. 

Joe Biden’s plan proposed to spend a lot of time on research and development. To reach the goal of a 100% clean energy economy and reach net-zero emissions. He also plans on standing up to the people who try to conceal their pollution of land, air, and water. His plan would cost at least $2 trillion for research and development while also creating a million new jobs. 

Donald Trump’s plan is a continuation of his views on the environment from his first term as president. He believes in clean air and water. 

Trump put $38 billion towards a clean water infrastructure during his term and he supported legislation that removed trash from oceans. He allocated more funding towards national parks and publicly-owned lands. And the Environmental Protection Agency reported that air pollutants dropped by 7% during Trump’s term. 

If there’s one thing that these two candidates can agree on it’s that saving the environment is a means for a better future. And we must act on putting a plan in motion towards a solution.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Both candidates’ plans cost a lot of money but they sure do sound great for the environment. But do they believe in what they’re suggesting? 

You can listen to all the conferences and speeches on the candidates you want. But the fact that they both resorted to sending you a “Vote for” me pamphlet or flyer in the mail speaks volumes on what they truly believe in and what they don’t. They only believe in their “cause” and they didn’t think twice about how sending a pamphlet in the mail to you would affect the environment. 

Even though they say they want to improve it. 

After all, we all know where you put that pamphlet after you got it out of your mailbox. Straight into the trash. Which we all know is exactly how garbage ends up in the ocean, polluting our waters, and endangering the environment. Didn’t they say they wanted to save the environment?

The Election is Finally Over

Everyone can breathe now that the election is over. Not everyone is exactly happy with the outcome. We’re not either. Why? 

Because nobody wants to talk about cleaning up the mess after the election. 

We’re talking about the mess caused by the campaigns of the candidates. All those campaign flyers and pamphlets from direct-mail. And all the posters and signs you saw on the side of the road or noticed in your neighbors’ front yard. You wont notice them for long because they’ll be on their way to the ocean soon enough. 

Imagine the next time you go to your local beach. Oh how disappointed you’ll be… When you see all the  “Vote for Biden, Vote for Trump posters and pamphlets washing up on the shore. Nobody wants to see that! You wanted to go to the beach, not a presidential candidate rally.

It’s Time To Cleanup The Mess After the Election

Yes! The election is over. But our environment is hurting from all the election waste that we left behind. Not to worry, though. You can help with the cleanup. It’s easy and here are a few things you can do to get started:

Help Your Community Cleanup

The first step in helping with the cleanup is at home and then in your community. You should practice recycling those direct-mail pamphlets and fliers that you received so that they don’t end up in your trash. If you have any posters in your yard supporting your favored candidate, dispose of them immediately before harsh winds take your candidate on the ride of their life. By taking this action, you are helping the cleanup of political campaign waste. 

When you’re done cleaning up the mess on the home front, go to your local voting center. Voting centers constitute mostly volunteers. And they can use all the help they can get when it comes to cleaning up. Make a call today to your local voting center to see how you can help to decrease the amount of waste in your community from the election. 

Donate To Help Cleanup Organizations

Can’t find the time to do your part in helping clean up the political waste? Donate to an organization that specializes in cleaning up waste found on beaches and oceans that someone might have missed after the election. During Coronavirus be sure to take time out for the family.

One of those organizations is Ocean Blue Project.

Ocean Blue Project is an organization you can trust to use your donation towards the betterment of the environment. We have already removed 180,000 pounds of debris from the ocean and we are not stopping there. We just need a little help from great supporters like you.   

Author Bio: Charity Hupp is a freelance copywriter, reader, and researcher living in Ohio. In her spare time, she loves spending time outdoors and reconnecting with nature.