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Taking A Time Out For Our Families For COVID-19


Our Children are Loving the Time with Mom and Daddy

by Richard Arterbury
3-27-2020 3:22 pm

Taking A Time Out For Our Family’s For COVID-19. I hope your family and friends are healthy during this time of COVID-19. I would like to also say thank you for all you do for Ocean Blue Project. As many of you know, my family is fully involved in the growth of impact when it comes to events, grants, and plastic removal. Two weeks ago, we decided to not host large events, but we are still making impact. 

This last week staying home has been priceless for the children and it also reminds me of how supportive our children have been. We host over 200 beach clean ups annually and our 1 and 3 year old were a part of hundreds of clean ups. We just love every beach Clean up event. Today, we are in a mobile office working on the website and working with partners to grow even stronger. 

We miss everyone and soon we will all be back at the beaches together.  Keep your family safe and be positive during this time of change with COVID-19! 

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Thank you from Ocean Blue Project


Congratulations to Hippie Kellie Sperile

The featured photo is a supporter named @Hippie Kellie Sperle and we are inspired by her passion for the Ocean!

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