Cliff Jumping at The Tamolitch Blue Pool

Video of Tamolitch Blue Pool in Oregon.

Bring drinking water for the hike is a few miles and water is super cold.

The beauty of Tamolitch Falls (also known as Tamolitch Blue Pool)
​has been a popular spot for many years. With water temperatures at almost unbearable temperatures jumping in after the long hike is not advised by Ocean Blue.

​Tamolitch blue pool is a must see summer locations near Bend, Oregon. The water is extremely cold and the hike to this Tamolitch Pool is almost 2 miles and you will not want to dive in this blue pool until your body cools down after the long hike. Be sure to bring snacks and cold drinking water because the summer months can get hot and this location has no stores closes by. 
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Tamolitch Blue Pool | Video

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