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The Real Organic Scoop on Cado Avocado-Based Ice Cream

The Real Organic Scoop on Cado Avocado-Based Ice Cream


By Melanie Pleasant

Nothing is better than a decadent cold cone of double chocolate ice cream on a sweltering hot sunny day. Fact. What if I told you that this deluxe ice cream of your dreams was as good for you as it was delicious? 

Now let’s take it one step further. This dreamboat of an ice cream treat is not only a healthy choice for your body but also the environment. “How could this be possible?”, you may ask yourself. Two words for you: Avocado. Magic.

The luxurious almost unreal-sounding dessert I am referring to is Cado ice cream. This avocado ice cream brand is one of our cherished partners. Today, we will dig deep into all the reasons we love Cado and why you should too.


Brief Cado History

Established in Fairfield, Iowa in 2015, Cado Ice Cream is a family-run business. The company is owned and operated by the Dowd family.

Cado Co-Founder Meghan Dowd said, “We are a brother, sister, mom team – siblings Jack and Meghan and mom, Debbie. We work collaboratively together as co-founders. Of course, we recruit additional family members to help with taste testing. Also, Jack’s wife Darin is our social media manager.” 

Cado ice cream is the very first vegan avocado-based ice cream to ever hit the market. The Dowd family was inspired to make avocado ice cream by their passion for healthy living. They promote plant-based eating while still enjoying the sweeter things in life.

Cado has experienced astronomic growth in only six years since its start. Over the years, Cado has received many rave reviews from top names in the industry. For example, Whole Foods and the Today Show both named Cado as a top food trend to watch in 2018. Rodale’s Organic Life also listed Cado as the best healthy ice cream on their top 5 list.Today, Cado has gone from only being sold locally in Iowa to being spotted in grocery stores nationwide. You can even pick up Cado ice cream at most Target stores in the freezer section. If you don’t see Cado at your favorite grocery store, you can put in a request for Cado to be sold there.


Cado and Ocean Blue Project Partnership

Early on as a company, the Dowd family prioritized giving back to help protect the ocean. They did this by partnering with a networking organization, 1% FOR THE PLANET. This organization works essentially as a matchmaker. They take companies and individuals who would like to help the environment. Then they set them up with vetted non-profits. This way, both parties can work together directly.

Through 1% FOR THE PLANET, Cado was able to follow their oceanic passion to find Ocean Blue Project. “We love the ocean. We chose to partner with Ocean Blue Project because we were excited by the network of volunteers they’ve inspired to clean up waterways and beaches,” said Dowd.

So far, Cado and Ocean Blue Project have worked together to remove 2500 pounds of debris and plastic. They continue to work together to keep the beach a clean, waste-free treat for all.

Dowd said, “[Cado enjoys giving back to the environment the most by] supporting organizations that take direct action to keep our ecosystems healthy – like Ocean Blue Project as well as supporting environmental education programs.”

Cado gives back to the environment outside of their work with Ocean Blue Project as well. “We also support organizations that foster food justice and encourage outdoor based education,” said Dowd.

Companies who give back like Cado are invaluable to protecting our one world Ocean. If our oceans suffered significantly, the consequences would be severe. Our planet gets over 50% of its oxygen supply from the ocean. So, if the health of our oceans declined, we would lose a significant oxygen source. Keep in mind, that’s only one consequence. Without our oceans, we could not survive.


Digging Deep Into Ice Cream

Cado is as sweet to the environment as it is in the cone. This feel-good ice cream tastes delicious as well. 

Cado comes in eight different tantalizing flavors. These flavors include Deep Dark Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Cookies & Cream. There’s also Java Chip, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Simply Lemon, and Cherry Amaretto. 

My personal favorite is Deep Dark Chocolate. Its velvety creamy texture lures you into a chocolate paradise. I would definitely recommend it.

The best part about Cado is that you can have all the indulgences without any guilt. The oceans are being taken care of with this avocado goodness and so is your body. 

Cado is paleo-friendly. It has half the sugar of regular ice cream and is only 170 calories. Avocado fat is the good fat your body needs and not the bad saturated fat that comes from dairy and coconut.

“It’s very similar to traditional ice cream, however we use the good fat found in avocado instead of cream from cows,” said Dowd.

This creamy non-dairy dessert gets its rich flavor from natural ingredients. You can say goodbye to GMO, artificial flavors, corn syrup, agave, stevia, dairy, soy and all the other unpronounceable items on nutrition labels.

Fun facts! The cherry amaretto is made with actual organic cherry juice from Washington State. The vanilla used in the ice cream is Madagascar vanilla. So, you can try ingredients from around the world all within a small eco-friendly ice cream container.

With the rise in popularity of vegan ice cream, there is no doubt that Cado has a bright future ahead of them. 

Dowd said, “More and more people are choosing plant-based foods, which in turn has a huge impact on our environment.  Cado is proud to have created a frozen dessert that tastes just like ice cream, but with better for you (and better for the planet) ingredients!  We plan to keep innovating new flavors and products and we’re excited about the future. ”Want more ways to enjoy your Cado ice cream? You’re in luck! Cado has fun recipes on their website to try. You could try a lemon blueberry ice cream float. You could also make up your own recipes. Try a Cado milkshake or malt. Experiment with different float flavors. The possibilities are endless!


How We Can Help Our Oceans

There is a dire need for more companies to step up like Cado has and help give back to the oceans to keep them clean. If more companies don’t step up to the plate, over 3 billion people could lose a crucial food source. Our entire planet can and will suffer without thriving oceans.

There are also lots of different things we as individuals can do to help on the consumer level.

You can support alternative/plant-based food and choose real whole foods over processed foods. A lot of times the manufacturing process of our favorite foods is detrimental to the environment. If we all chose alternative/plant-based foods and whole foods, the planet would be better off for it.

When you’re in the grocery store, think about not just the ice cream you’re going to eat, but the company behind that ice cream. It affects your future.

Another action you can take to help the environment is to have your own reusable utensils. Choosing treats from eco-friendly companies like Cado is a great start. The best way to enjoy those sweet treats is with a reusable spoon to keep your waste down.

I keep my reusable utensil kit in my car’s glove compartment, so I’m ready for ice cream anytime and anywhere. You can find reusable utensil kits at big box stores like Target and Walmart. They are also available online on websites like Amazon.

You can also keep your single-use plastic waste down by purchasing reusable water bottles, bento boxes, and more from our partners at Healthy Human. One hundred percent of every Healthy Human product purchase is donated directly to help keep our beaches clean.

Author Bio: Melanie Pleasant is a Los Angeles-based copywriter. She always has her bucket hat ready for a good adventure.