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The State of Oregon Banned Single Use Plastic Bags

Oregon has banned plastic bags statewide to help save the Ocean. initiative that bans single-use plastic checkout bags. This change is for the better and all you have to remember is to bring your own reusable shopping bags. 

This initiative will help keep plastic bags from blowing into rivers and washing into our one world Ocean. The ban the bag goes into effect January 1, 2020 and is statewide in Oregon. 

Many nonprofits have worked very hard to help make this plastic bag ban to a thing in the State of Oregon. Ocean Blue Project has sent letters to the Governor of Oregon for almost four years requesting single use plastic bags be replaced with paper bags. Violators can be fined up to 250 dollars and truly we will all thrive by not using single use plastic bags in our state. 

Ocean Blue banned the use of plastic bags at beach cleanups, community cleanups, and river cleanups in 2013, shortly after our nonprofit was found in 2012. … Today, Ocean Blue is teaching small nonprofits and community groups that using plastic bags is not a healthy choice for our local waterways or the one world Ocean. Today we have one Oregon nonprofit named Solve that is still using plastic bags to help advertise to volunteers, however we have to agree that burlap bags or cotton can be reused when plastic is harmful to our everyday environment.