How Can We Stop Ocean Pollution?


Ocean Blue Project Cleanup Mission

Ocean Blue Project is a non-profit organization whose Mission is to protect and conserve the world’s ocean, beaches, and rivers, through education and awareness, by providing service learning projects, enhancing wildlife habitat, cleaning beaches and rivers, and by reducing pollution.

How do you give back to the planet?

We Clean Up the Ocean one stream at a time! Beach cleanups, River Cleanups, and planting trees.

How can I help my planet & How To Help Clean The Ocean

Ocean Blue is always seeking volunteers to help with beach cleanups, river cleanups or just helping out remotely to help spread the word. Lastly, You can sign your company up by visiting the 1 % for the planet members website: Many companies choose Ocean Blue Project as a partner and host annual cleanups like this group working the beaches in California.
For every dollar you donate Ocean Blue removes one pound of microplastic with volunteers at local beaches in the United States. Read more about our partners doing good things.