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10 Ocean-Friendly Brands You Have to Check Out


10 Ocean-Friendly Brands You Have to Check Out

By R.Heliot

We all want the best products, but we also want them to be ocean friendly. How do we know when a company is truly eco-savvy and scandal-less? Companies with a purpose often find innovative solutions to uphold their mission, and there are plenty of companies that create products with the ocean in mind. Check out these 10 Ocean-Friendly brands to fulfill your needs.

1. Ocean Blue Project 

Let’s start with our own mission! Ocean Blue Project is a non-profit organization with the mission of restoring our beaches, oceans and rivers through cleanup projects and education. But that’s not all! Our online store offers goods from Marine Debris Kits for kids to eco-friendly reusable water bottles. Stock up on casual wear with OBP’s customized T-shirts, Hoodies and Hats, or add jewelry to your jewelry box with our recycled bracelets! All proceeds fund our projects. Learn more about our mission!

2. SiiZu

Fashion with philosophy. SiiZu, a fashion retailer store offers affordable, stylish clothing with a “go green!” attitude. From casual dresses to business attire, you can find all your clothing needs at SiiZu. The best part? You keep your peace of mind knowing that your clothes come with an ocean friendly guarantee. From prices to environment, this company keeps sustainability in mind from start to sale. Learn more about their sustainability efforts. 

3. Boxed Water

A hybrid between a product and project. Boxed Water was created by sustainability obsessed aqua lovers who aimed to offer a product with the highest water quality with the best environmentally friendly solutions.

Among their company values are sustainability, positive impact on the planet, giving back to the planet, and proving to the big dogs that minimizing your carbon footprint is indeed possible. Check out their website, and learn more about their project. 

4. Hippie Haven

All natural and all for natural. Hippie Haven is your skin, hair, body, and more store. From face wash to soap to home goods, Hippie Haven sells non-toxic, cruelty-free home goods and personal care products wrapped in recycled plastic.

With a minimalist mindset and high quality, sustainable products, Hippie Haven is a must go to store. What’s more? Led by Navy Veteran and Podcaster Calle, the company’s political stance is transparent: They practice corporate responsibility and you should too. Oh, and plus, their products are one-of-a-kind. Learn more about their company culture.  

5. Thibaut

Thibaut is the nation’s oldest wallpaper firm. The growing home furnishings brand, known for its bold patterns and colorful style, has evolved into a one-stop shop for interior designers, offering wallpaper, fabrics, trimmings, and high-end furniture. Thibaut is sold in thousands of trade locations across the globe with corporate showrooms in NYC, LA, Chicago and Atlanta. You can see their beautiful range of products on their website and find out where to source Thibaut near you. 

With 135 years of history, this legacy brand is expanding its horizons by launching a new eco-friendly product offering. Thibaut’s latest fabric collection, Club Velvet, is a casual velvet made from recycled plastic bottles. The brand is partnering with Ocean Blue Project to evolve its sustainable practices, educate its community on conscious design, and double its impact.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Thibaut’s CEO, Rick Kilmer, to learn more about the partnership and their new collection.


6. Oceano Azure

Creativity inspired by conversation. Oceano Azure sells jewelry with the ocean in mind. Partnered with Ocean Blue Project, we collect 1 pound of debris from the ocean for each dollar they donate.

Their jewelry is ocean-inspired with designs ranging from turquoise turtles to sterling silver sailing boats. If you love the ocean and want jewelry with a statement, this is the place for you.

What else? This company is well connected, so you can find even more ways to contribute to their cause. Ocean Azure’s original designs are made for people of all ages. You are sure to find something you’ll love! 

7. Secret Aardvark

Consumption with a kick. Secret Aardvark sells hot sauce with a variety of flavors and a “go green!” spirit. Behind their operations is an environmental sustainable supply chain that offers the most natural of ingredients to create their original, spicy sauces.

They love all things natural, which is why they understand that the conversation of our ecosystems directly impacts us. Their sauces are out of this world.

Need to spice up your life? They’ve got you covered with a variety of sauces, gift sets, snacks and sales items. Add a kick to your life. 

8. Patagonia

Clothing combined with passion. Patagonia sells clothing merchandise from jeans and shirts to ski and snowboarding apparel. They have gear for all ages. Shopping with Patagonia prepares the whole family for the next adventure.

Even better, you know you will be making a difference just by shopping with Patagonia. Through their generous donations the company has made on Action Works and Catchafire, Ocean Blue Project has benefited first-hand from their contributions. Patagonia helped OBP to obtain over 60 professional volunteers since March. Learn about their activism. 


Passion meets innovation. TOMS is well known for their variety of brand name shoes, but they offer sunglasses and other merchandise as well. TOMS shoes are comfortable, all natural and ocean friendly.
You need a pair of TOMS shoes. Do you want to know why? For every pair of TOMS you buy, you are making a difference in someone’s life. TOMS built their company with a passion for humanitarianism. Their donations make the world a better place, from improving poverty to ocean conservation. Plus, they’re merchandise is top quality. Learn more about their impact.

10. Healthy Human

Healthy Human wants to inspire you to #LiveLifeHealthy and contribute towards a healthier earth through its innovative and eco-friendly products. They create reusable water bottles and other products that make it easy to make small lifestyle changes that eliminate single-use plastic waste. Its Healthy Human Curve was named by CNN as the best insulated water bottle in 2020 for its performance, durability and portability.


Take Action

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When you buy merchandise from Ocean Blue Project the profits go directly into our projects, not pockets. All proceeds fund our cause. Your donations make all the difference. Donate today!

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Author Bio: R. Heliot is a writer who has published articles for the Houston Chronicle and The Phnom Penh Post. She currently is a freelance copywriter and MBA student at the University of Houston-Victoria. In her spare time, she loves to travel, hike and swim in the ocean.