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Ocean Blue Project and Earth Breeze Team Up For Our Oceans

Ocean Blue Project and Earth Breeze Team Up For Our Oceans


By Lauren Cancelmo

Wasteful, single-use plastic containers seem to be everywhere. And when it comes to cleaning products, their ingredients can often have negative effects on marine life. Earth Breeze’s low-waste cleaning products offer a better alternative. They make a liquidless detergent sheet with biodegradable and plastic-free packaging —but their sustainable efforts go beyond just making products.

For every package of Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets purchased, Earth Breeze donates 10 loads of laundry detergent to those in need. Donations go directly to support nonprofits and charitable organizations through their Buy One, Give Ten program. Laundry detergent is often an expensive and essential item at shelters, community organizations, and for disaster relief. 

Plus, customers get to choose which organization category their donation goes to. 

Now, Earth Breeze is teaming up with Ocean Blue Project. Together, they’re expanding their impact by helping clean up our One-World Ocean.

Teaming Up with Ocean Blue Project


It makes sense for Ocean Blue Project and Earth Breeze to work together. Sarah Armstrong is the Product Marketing Manager at Earth Breeze. In 2021 she reached out to Ocean Blue Project about sponsoring a cleanup. Since then she has continued to expand the partnership with more cleanups to support our common goal—clean, healthy oceans.  

Ocean Blue Project, volunteers, and Earth Breeze share a vision to reduce and remove plastic waste from shores, beaches, and waterways. 

Ocean Blue Project pledges to remove one million pounds of plastic by 2025 and Earth Breeze is helping make that happen! In fact, some volunteers at recent Earth Breeze sponsored clean ups were not only supporters of Ocean Blue Project, but Earth Breeze customers as well! Together, they support each other’s goals to reduce waste in impactful ways. Their commitment goes beyond removing thousands of pounds of plastic debris. Less plastic manufactured leads to less plastic waste and a cleaner planet.

Beyond Ocean Cleanups

Earth Breeze came up with their own three Rs: reduce, regenerate, redistribute —and they’re a core focus of the business. Armstrong stresses the commitment to reducing single-use plastic through their products. This means no unnecessary plastic in packaging or shipping. Besides ocean cleanups, Earth Breeze also contributes to the planet’s regeneration. 

Environmental contributions include planting trees–they’ve already planted 56,318 trees to date!. They redistribute by building relationships with charitable organizations and nonprofits by giving back through laundry detergent and meal donations to those in need.

There is a strong demand for hygienic products for those in need. Earth Breeze is stepping up to meet some of that demand. For each customer sale of Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets, Earth Breeze donates 10 loads of laundry detergent on their behalf. The customer can choose the cause, for example, homeless, women’s or animal care shelters, veteran’s organizations, or developing countries. This is all part of their Buy One Give Ten donation program.

More Than Clean Laundry 

So what is so unique about these little laundry sheets? Earth Breeze is eco-responsible. Eco Sheets packaging is a small, sustainable, biodegradable, limited waste cardboard envelope. The product ships for free to your doorstep at a budget-friendly price. Liquidless sheets contain only the cleaning agents that dissolve in the wash. 

Earth Breeze’s laundry detergent is certified vegan and cruelty-free and they’re a great low-waste alternative. Tough on dirt and stains, the Eco Sheets are also gentle on sensitive skin. The slim packaging is also lightweight and hardly takes up any storage space.  

You don’t need strong chemicals to get your laundry clean. You don’t need to sacrifice to make an eco-friendly choice either. Low sudsing, paraben, phthalate, phosphate, bleach, and dye-free don’t mean ineffective. Concentrated Eco Sheets are strong enough to tackle tough stains. 

Plus, Earth Breeze offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They want you to try this innovative detergent for yourself and be happy with your choice. If you’re tired of dragging that big jug of laundry detergent back from the store— there are alternatives. 

A single sheet out of a tiny, easy-to-store box gets your clothes clean and helps the planet at the same time! 

Mindfully Made

Earth Breeze has a warehouse in Oregon but Armstrong clarified that the company is otherwise remote. Employees work from all over. Another fulfillment warehouse in the United Kingdom supports worldwide distribution. Earth Breeze are made and manufactured in Germany, Mexico, India, China, and New Zealand. They’re a global company and they’re mindful of their processes, focusing on ethically sourcing products from suppliers. 

Earth Breeze also partnered with We Are Neutral to offset the entire business’s carbon footprint. They offset carbon emissions generated from producing and shipping Earth Breeze orders. 

Giving Back


Driven to use their business as a force for good, Earth Breeze prides itself on a charitable mindset. They strive to do as much as possible to leave the planet better than we found it, while empowering individuals to make easy and sustainable changes. Many large companies with the resources to give back miss the mark. Armstrong emphasizes the importance of developing long-term relationships with partners. 

As a small, growing company, their business model aims to incorporate positive impact to support the planet and its people, so as they grow as a business so too does the positive ripple effect. From large impact events to donations when customers buy, they continue to spread positivity.

Earth Breeze continues to innovate with new products and new ways to give back and support their customers. The product line has expanded to include paper towel replacements, tote bags, and dishwasher tablets. With new products come new ways to give back such as donating meals or planting trees.

Small Acts Matter


For Earth Breeze, small acts matter. Even a single change or purchase has a ripple effect— both long-term and impactful changes. According to Armstrong, support from their customers is an essential component of success. They’re happy to allow customers to choose where their donation goes. 

Earth Breeze has gained lots of support from an audience inspired to take initiative. Followers give back by sharing the products and holding events—all to support a shared mission to leave the world better than we found it. Social media has been a great way to spread the word. Earth Breeze even plants a tree for every 100 Instagram followers. They understand that no change is too small. They all contribute to reducing harm to our planet.

How Can You Help?

Positive change is not an all-or-nothing commitment. You don’t have to make a dramatic overnight revamp and save the world in one fell swoop. 

Remember, small acts matter! There are many ways you can contribute to a cleaner, safer planet. 

Every year, hundreds of millions of plastic containers end up in landfills and the ocean. Also, only a small percentage of discarded plastic gets recycled. The next time you shop, look for plastic alternatives like cardboard containers. Try making a simple swap to a laundry detergent free of a single-use plastic jug. Buying in bulk can mean less packaging—and you save money too! If you haven’t already, make the switch to reusable bags instead of plastic bags. It might surprise you how simple it can be to find plastic-free alternatives.


To take your impact even further, share your enthusiasm with others! Spreading the word  makes a huge impact and encourages change. Leading by example is often the best way to impact behavior. Donating time and money are always appreciated, but spreading the message and making small changes go a long way too!


Looking to Take Your Impact a Step Further? 

Ocean Blue Project continues to work to remove plastic from the ocean. Initiatives like cleanups and education are the main gateways to doing that. If you’re ready to help, join in or start a beach cleanup to remove plastic debris from your local coastlines. With your help, beach cleanups help save marine life, remove harmful plastic debris, and spread awareness. 


Ocean Blue Project can help you get started. 


To stay in the know, connect with Ocean Blue Project on Instagram or check out all their sustainable efforts on their website.

Author Bio: Lauren Cancelmo is a communications professional whose favorite things include the beach and her pets.