Microplastics Recovery Program

Microplastics Recovery Program

Ocean Blue Project is committed to its mission of protecting our one world ocean with our new initiative to recover microplastics. Microplastics are miniscule pieces of plastic about two millimeters in size that litter the environment. These plastics pollute not only the oceans and rivers, but the ecosystem and ultimately humans as well. Our Microplastics Recovery Program works to reduce this waste from beaches and rivers. Harnessing beach cleaning machines, our goal is not only to collect microplastics but affect systemic change to stem microplastic pollution at its sources.











Recovering Microplastics Can Greatly Improve Pollution

Our Micoplastics Recovery Program is dedicated to ridding our beaches and rivers of bottle caps, bottles, nurdles, needles, and more debris that is harming our environment. Major improvements to pollution can be made through:

  • Improved recycling programs along the coast

  • Ban on plastic cutlery, straws, and single-use beverage cups

  • Awareness campaigns through public art, installations, and school programs

  • State-investment in researching plastic-alternative materials

Additionally, the homeless leave behind items that are washed into the rivers. The homeless population can be reduced through affordable drug treatment and rehabilitation programs, urban housing, and job creation policies. With fewer microplastics washing into our water, not only will the homeless receive the help they need, but our environment will benefit as well.

Fundraising & Outreach

Ocean cleanup technology has developed sand filtration machines to clean our beaches more effectively. These machines have been made possible by the Ohrstrom Foundation’s Next Generation Committee.


Partnerships & Research

Ocean Blue Project has created partnerships with universities to help us better define our research metrics and to process data as new information comes in. State and local government partnerships allow for effective, research-based policy changes to be made to stem novel microplastic pollution.


Beach Cleanup Planning

Beach cleanups are part of Ocean Blue Project’s commitment to protecting the world’s ocean. Plastic of all shapes and sizes are harmful to the environment, from the water to the organisms who accidentally digest it. If you eat seafood, you are at risk of ingesting microplastics as well. 

Volunteers donate their time so they can help reduce plastic pollution and cleanup beaches around the United States, beautifying the beaches one by one. With the new sand filtration machines, that task is now easier, but it is still daunting. Donate your time to help protect our oceans, beaches, and rivers.


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