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Oregon Wild Rivers | River Names


Above is a map of rivers in Oregon, full photo below.

Oregon has so many clear water rivers with names.

Ocean Blue’s environmental management team is studying and enhancing several Rivers and Urban Streams that flow into our Worlds Ocean. Take a look at the map of Oregon rivers. Find our about the new permit rules and Oregon river and Oregon beach cleanups.


Oregon River Names
 Columbia River, Willamette River, Deschutes River, Owyhee River, Rogue River, John Day River, Mckenzie River, Grande Ronde, North Umpqua River, Snake River, Clackamas River, Klamath River, Crooked River, Santiam River, North Santiam River, Illinois River, Umpqua River, Malheur River, Wallowa River, Sandy River, Siuslaw River, Metolius River, Nestucca River, Nehalem River, Coquille River, South Santiam River, Sprague River, Williamson River, Donner And Blitzen River, South Umpqua River, Umatilla River, Imnaha River, Burnt River, Bear Creek, Applegate River, Chetco River, Minam River, Middle Fork Willamette River, Silvies River, Tualian River, Lost River Salmon River, Trask River, Johnson Creek, Sycan River, Wilson River, North Fork John Day River, Drake Park, Opal Creek Wilderness, Umpqua Hot Springs, Terwilliger Hot Springs.

Corvallis, Oregon Urban Stream Names
Sequoia, Dixon, Mill Race Mary’s River, and feel free to add any that is not listed. 

List of River:
sorce by wikipedia. 

Where are the most polluted rivers?

Every plastic straw and bottle cap floating along the surface of the ocean has made its way to the ocean from dry land at some point. As it turns out, the hydrological cycle that keeps water circulating around the planet is also an effective means for trash to hitch a ride from our riverside cities to the open ocean. “The city streets are only a mirror image of our one world Ocean” If we can our city streets our rivers and Ocean will also become clean. quote by Richard Arterbury founder of Ocean. Link:

By U.S. Geological Survey – http://pubs.usgs.gov/wdr/2005/wdr-or-05/pdf/front.pdf (page 51), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1283521

Map of the rivers in the State of Oregon.
Oregon wild river map

Regional nitrogen budgets and river N and P Fluxes for Drainage’s to the North Atlantic Ocean: